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I'm an Aussie living in Abu Dhabi keeping his finger on the pulse via a 56k modem. I'm a teacher by trade, a sport loving enthusiast by nature and I dabble in sports writing from time to time.

I was born and raised playing cricket and football (the round ball) but my passion, and what my wife calls an obsession, with football took off sometime towards the end of my days in Sydney. I nurtured my talent on the pitch with a 3 year stint in Japan playing in a few expat teams in both the wonderful games of football and futsal. I've sinced moved to the Middle East and now play 5-a-side in an air-conditioned gym. There's no two ways about it as you just can't play outside in summer which lasts for 5 months of the year.

My wife is American and every summer we slip away to the US and always catch a few of the MLS games, invariably the Colorado Rapids. It is here that my love of baseball started and I've slowly become more appreciative of the NFL. The Colorado Rockies have my vote there, the perennial underdogs (and perhaps underachievers?) and I just like the hard hits of American Football.

On the side I'm a Stand Up Paddleboarder and my wife and I are starting to paddle in a few weird and wonderful places around the Middle East. You'd be surprised at how many quizzical looks you get from local people who have never seen a 11foot SUP board. I miss snowboarding a lot. We used to snowboard the powdered peaks of Japan all winter but, alas, those days are behind me.

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