i don't hate orton  he's just boring

i don't hate orton he's just boring

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  • A simple WWE fan posted 1391 days ago

    A simple WWE fan

    Why is that a shame, why am i suppose to like a midget who the only interesting thing about him is not him but the crowd who chant "yes" for no reason. You people should definitely get a life.

  • Bryan Sucks posted 1502 days ago

    Bryan Sucks

    I agree, Roidy Boreton sucks big time. I mean " My name is Roidy Boreton " ZZZZzzzzzzz. And i think atleast Sheamus can wrestle. He is goofy on the mic though. Roidbore sucks even worse. I can't believe creative are pitting him to beat the streak.
    And for an overall package, ie on the mic, in the ring and storyline wise, Punk is the best "wrestler".

  • Bryan Sucks posted 1505 days ago

    Bryan Sucks

    Is it Orton or is it a guy named The Viper?

  • The GOAT X3 posted 1506 days ago

    The GOAT X3


  • all hail the greatest ass-kisser of all time...randy BORETON!!!!!