Eric Gambit

Eric Gambit


The word "Fan" is a dereviative of the word fanatic. That's what I am when it comes to sports....a FANATIC! I've been a San Francisco 49ers, University of Kentucky, (Baseball, Football, and of course Basketball, and yes I did include baseball!) and the most important of all, The Atlanta Braves, fanatic for over 25 years. I was a 3 sport star in high school, (Runner up Mister Baseball in 1992) played college Baseball even after destroying 2 of the 3 ligaments in my knee in the 4rth quarter of the last game of the year playing High School football. I started Varsity football as a sophmore as the best Cornerback in Kentucky (in my opinion anyway lol) as well as kickoff and punt returner, and started Varsity Baseball as a freshman, CenterFielder Extraordinaire, and pitched in college. Throughout High School I played Center for 5 years in a church league basketball. I also write comic books and have been a computer wizard since the internet was nothing but Text. My 13 year old daughter plays soccer, and basketball as well as being an accomplished dancer. For over 25 years I've never went into a football season believing anything other than the 49ers were going to win the SuperBowl, and until they are mathmatically eliminated (sometimes even AFTER THAT!) believing that the Atlanta Braves were going to win the World Series! I live and breathe sports and would gladly give up an organ, limb and probably my soul just to get the Braves another championship. I have been playing both fantasy Football and Baseball for years, but in the last 4 years I have played exsclusively on, having won 11 championships and come in second twice. (With quite a few losses thrown in there as well lol. But my all time record is well above .500!) I usually like to go to at least 10 or more professional baseball games every season. There is no " fair weather" fan here! I bleed blue and white when it comes to University of Kentucky sports. I even follow Kentucky baseball with a passion. Baseball is my Religion, and Football is my secondary religion. My brother is the Professor Newton Gimmick on TNA Wrestling and also owns the Infinite Blog as well as working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. ( To see some pictures of him managing the X-Division Champion recently at a house show email me!) Needless to say I have some experience writing and blogging in the sports world! I am however, new to Bleacher Report and hope to expand my empire by joining here...... GO BRAVES!!!!!

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