Kitt Blaisdell

Kitt Blaisdell


Born outside of Barcelona, raised in the US, living once again in Terrassa (Catalunya über alles).

Sleeper by day, pickpocket by night.

The RM model: Keep purchasing prostitutes until you find the one you want to marry (I was just informed that this line was recently copied by a Catalan tabloid and turned into a cartoon featuring Pep and Mourinho, finally affirming that tabloids search blogs for their ideas).

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  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 2500 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    You are a Green Bay Fan, here was an article I wrote around 24 hours before the Super Bowl. I made my predictions as well. Please feel free to review and leave a comment. Thanks.

  • Munachimso Nnebe-Agumadu posted 2559 days ago

    Munachimso Nnebe-Agumadu

    Pardon my ignorance here, but how do you type the "U" with the two dots in Munchen? I've looked all over my key board, and I honestly can't find anything like that. Silly it sounds, I know, but a little enlightenment will be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  • Ron Furlong posted 2581 days ago

    Ron  Furlong

    Bye bye kitty......

  • Ron Furlong posted 2582 days ago

    Ron  Furlong

    Packer fan, too? That explains so much.

  • Ron Furlong posted 2582 days ago

    Ron  Furlong

    Did you ever see Hannah and Her Sisters? I'm thinking of the scene where the Michael Caine character realizes the Barbara Hershey character might be open to his advances, so he walks away from meeting her saying, "I'm walking on air. I have my answer."

    That's how I feel now, knowing you have faith in me being able to express an individual thought in the future. Don't you give up on me Kitt Blaisdell. Don't you do it. I need your ever-lasting support....

    And let's both work on the colon issue in our titles: Deal?

  • Ron Furlong posted 2583 days ago

    Ron  Furlong

    Life like smoke rising twisted into legend...... Oh, I remember what I wanted to say. I had a kitt once. But the dog ate him. It was so sad.

    Hasta luego, dear sir.....

  • Stew Flats posted 2752 days ago

    Stew Flats

    I enjoyed your Pep article. You may like this, let me know your picks

  • Dave K posted 2766 days ago

    Dave K

    You got a good, level head on your shoulders. That's kind of a rare find on this site. You might be just the second poster on here I actually respect.