I have played & observed baseball for over 59 years. although I have one foot in the grave & the other on a banana peel, my mind & its ability to analyze the reality of hitting a baseball are as sharp as ever. of course my physical skills have greatly eroded, but not to the point I am incapable of grabbing a bat & showing a player how to hammer a ball. If you were to ask any former MLB player "if you were 22 years old again, & knew then what you know now.. would you be a better hitter? " to a man, they will all say "of course!!" now ask why?

it is only AFTER you can no longer look at every pitch from the hitter's SUBJECTIVE point-of-view.. standing in the box, watching the pitch as it comes at you.. that you are forced to take OBJECTIVE point-of-view from various & numerous angles. only then will you begin to realize there are other factors at work of which you were totally ignorant when you were 22. . & you begin to alter your understanding of the events.. & then alter your tactics. this is how & why older former MLB players learn much more information AFTER they are no longer able to play at the highest level. it is a conundrum: when you're physically able to play the best game possible, you can't possibly garner enough information to play your best. only after you're no longer able & forced to retire to the grandstand & television will you garner the information necessary to play your best. unfortunately, you are too old to execute the knowledge you have obtained. sad.
logic dictates only those old enough to have garnered this information are capable of successfully transferring this information to players. and here I am. those who aren't old enough to have gained this information will only misguide players. this is the reality of coaching. all the correct information lies in the heads of older former players. it is their duty to relate this information to the youth of America before it gets lost. this is where I come in.
it is my opinion that the coaching community is about 179 degrees in the wrong direction.. evidenced by the fact the MLB batting average had slid from .268 to .253 over the last 15 years. only thing that makes sense to me. especially when I see more and more players doing more & more of the stupid things that guarantee failure. what are those things?

specifically, it is the coaching community's failure to look at a player & correctly identify the biggest hole in his stance & swing, then conceive of an adjustment to eliminate that hole. eliminating a player's biggest hole guarantees improvement. instead I see coaches focusing on far lesser weaknesses in a player that will really not make much difference, since the biggest problem remains untreated. today's hitting coaches are very similar to 14th century doctors.. incapable of correctly diagnosing the illness. if you can't correctly diagnose the illness, how can you correctly cure it? you won't.

the biggest problem with hitting is coaches coach the style they used. so you have contless coaches coaching countless style. what are the chances ALL these random different styles are going to help any random player? they won't. INDIVIDUAL STYLE IS BOTH COACHING 7 HITTING ARE THE PROBLEM. WHY?

they ignore the fact that baseball players aren't special. they're no different than any other person on the planet.. subject to the same natural laws of both logic & physics that rule every thing & every person. IT IS THE FACT COACHES ARE TOTALLY UNAWARE OF THE UNREAKALE NATURAL LAWS OF BOTH LOGIC & PHYSICS WHICH RULE HITTING A BASEBALL. BECAUSE OF THIS THEY CONDONE PLAYERS IMPLEMENTING ACTIONS WHICH ARE GUARANTEED TO FAIL. this is where 95% of all coaches fail their players. only by making players realize these laws, & eliminate their trying to break these unbreakable laws.. will they improve.

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