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I have been a professionally published writer for over 10 years. My writing experience has involved business topics in the document technology industry. I have over 75 hard copy and web based publications.

Recently, I decided to merge two of my passions: writing and sports. In my case, my sports concentration is football! I love NFL & college football. As with business, I love analyzing all aspects football, to include: player personnel, the draft (wasn’t the 2010 draft the best ever?), coaching, front office activity, key match-ups, offensive and defensive schemes, etc.

I follow the NFL in depth, but I focus more on the Cowboys, Texans, Titans and Bengals. As well, I focus on The University of Texas Longhorns!

I take pride in being a professional and hope readers will enjoy my work. As well, I encourage feedback, so I can improve and learn from other football fanatics with opinions.

You can find me on Twitter @, which stands for Rob Cowman Leatherneck, as I was formerly an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Semper Fi!

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