Gideon Russell

Gideon Russell


Gideon Russell is a passionate-inspirational poet, songwriter, and stage play writer. He also writes for a magazine called, "Tabu Thick and Sassy" magazine. He writes articles dealing with relationship, sports, finances, love, and other controversial topics. His style of writing makes you think, and is the start of many debates. Gideon is a life long writer, but just recently has become more involved in the performing side of the business.

Gideon has a group called God Given Talent/G.G.T. Bio;

God Given Talent/G.G.T is an upcoming group that consists of Gideon T. Russell and his siblings, and Tamyra M. Holmes (family friend), and featuring Brian Goodspeed (Young Swagg). Gideon and Tamyra are the main foundation pieces of the group and the two main artists. G.G.T came on the scene in the spring of 2008. Gideon is the lead song writer/composer and also brings his talent as a rapper. Tamyra joins in with her smooth style as a crowd moving singer and dynamic rapper. Brian aka Young Swagg is a guest artist that brings many talents to the table. He is a singer, rapper, song writer, producer and composer. G.G.T is a group that is aiming to spread the fan base of urban contemporary gospel, with influences of funk, jazz, neo-soul, rock and many more genres…Their style can be compared to singers/groups such as Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, City High, Black Eyed Peas and other tap your feet, soul stirring, positive upbeat groups...

Gideon T. Russell spent time serving his country as a member of the United States navy. From June 2000 to April 2007, he proudly serve his country. His time in the Navy has helped him in his in growth and development.

Gideon is also a big time sports fan. His favorite teams or the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks. He is loyal to his home grown teams. The NBA and the NFL are his favorite sports, but he also watches baseball games, and is a big fan of Track and Field.

A message Gideon wants to leave you with. There is nothing a person cannot do, so always keep Christ on your side. A quote from one of Gideon’s poems says; “As a people we set limits on what we believe, if the mind can conceive it can be achieved. Our God has no limits on what He can do, let’s take off the lid and let His wonderful actions be the proof.”

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