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I am currently going to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and working to receive an Associate's Degree in Communications, and I hope to transfer to a four-year school and major in Journalism and Mass Communications. I would like be either a newspaper columnist or an anchor in sports radio or possibly work for Bleacher Report, because I am such an avid reader on this site.
I am always one to share my opinions about various sports, and I love sports debate shows like First Take, and more loosely, Sports Talk Live in Chicago. I love watching SportsCenter and SportsNet Central and absorbing information and the latest news. I am also one to stay as up to date as I can, and I have many apps and alerts to keep me fresh on the latest news and updates for my favorite teams. I take pride in knowing information as much information as I can.
My first sports allegiance that I have is to the Seattle Seahawks. I am a Seahawks fan because the first professional football game that I watched was Super Bowl XL, with the Seahawks facing the Pittsburgh Steelers at Ford Field in Detroit. Even though the Steelers won the game, I became a Seahawks fan from that day forward. Because I live in Iowa, I don't get to see very many Seahawks game, unless they are nationally televised or they play the Bears in Chicago, but I stick with my team regardless.
As for my love for the Iowa Hawkeyes, I was raised by a family of Iowa fans and most of our family friends are Iowa fans as well. Like most Iowa fans, I despise Iowa State and Northern Iowa and I try to make it to football or basketball games with friends or family as much as I can.
I never had any other allegiances in the NBA, MLB or NHL because I didn't live in a local market until Comcast SportsNet Chicago was launched in 2006 (the availability reached into Iowa.) From then on, I became an all-around Chicago sports fan outside of the NFL (Sorry Bears fans...).
Even though my grandfather has been a die-hard Cubbies fan since the 60's, I never aligned myself with the Cubs as a kid, because I never wanted to see my team lose. But, as I spent summers watching the Cubs with my grandfather (it was a must for him), I began to understand why the Cubs were called the Lovable Losers. So, yes, every year I tune in to the Cubs and end up disappointed at season's end, but I could never change my team.
I always knew who Michael Jordan was, but by the time I really started watching basketball, he was long retired. But, I became a Bulls fan mostly because of Michael Jordan's long legacy and the arrival of Joakim Noah, and the passion that they each have for the game. Over the years, my love for the Bulls has been reaffirmed by the passion of the fanbase and the winning attitude that the Bulls have.
My history with the Blackhawks is much shorter, but I am still very passionate about the team. I have been a fan of the Blackhawks since the 2009 season, when my friend got me interested in the Blackhawks (She is a die-hard fan). I had never really paid much attention to hockey before and that was when I watched my first Blackhawk game.

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