Jeff Mans

Jeff Mans


I’ve been playing fantasy sports since I was 12 years old. But back in 1989 that consisted of notebooks, newspapers and patiently waiting on the mailman to deliver the weekly updates. In 1992, at the age of 15 I started one of the first fantasy football bulletin boards on the internet by using the Prodigy Internet Service. Before long it was the most popular bulletin board on Prodigy registering over 500 unique posts per day at a time when less than 20% of homes had internet service. Since then I have appeared on radio stations such at WMVP-1000 AM in Chicago and KGME-910 AM in Phoenix.

In 2005 I launched my own website in Scout Fantasy Football. By 2008, Scout Fantasy Football was averaging 2000+ page views per day despite zero advertising and being very low among the major search engines. During this time I became a regular on several podcasts including The Fantasy Football Guru Show which led to my first podcast ever in The Fantasy Football Scouting Report. After the 2008 season Scout Fantasy Football merged with Fantasy Football & Baseball Search where I became a senior writer for both the baseball and football websites. In early 2009, I created brand new podcasts in Fantasy Baseball Tonight and Fantasy Football Tonight. It was here that I got paired up with Ryan Hallam as the Tuesday night team of Fantasy Baseball Tonight. After a few months together Ryan and I became a frequent top 10 show on Blog Talk Radio and catapulted both the Fantasy Baseball Tonight and Fantasy Football Tonight franchises into the top 20 on iTunes. Creative and philosophical differences lead Ryan and I to set out on our own to build the kind of sports network that we have always envisioned in each of our previous spots.

Before making fantasy sports a full time job, I ran my own PC Repair business which I sold in 2005 but continue to work for even currently. In high school and college I was a free lance sports reporter and writer for several local newspapers and covered everything from women’s soccer to men’s basketball for my college newspaper. I genuinely love writing and have written everything from music to screenplays, most of which has never been published anywhere but on my hard drive.

I reside in the suburbs of Chicago where I live with my wife of 10 years and 2 children. The teams that I root for are the Chicago Whitesox, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls. The single greatest sporting moment of my life was to watch the Chicago Whitesox win the 2005 World Series. That moment truly impacted me and will continue to do so forever. It taught me that absolutely anything is possible in sports and in life.

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