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Howard Beck

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Howard Beck is a Senior Writer, in his 19th season covering the NBA.

Prior to joining Bleacher Report, Beck spent nine years at the New York Times, covering the Knicks, the Nets and the NBA at large. He covered the Lakers for the Los Angeles Daily News from 1997-2004.

He co-hosts NBA Sunday Tip, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. ET, on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio.

Follow him on Twitter at @HowardBeck.

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  • Lavesh K posted 304 days ago

    Lavesh K

    Howard Beck: I have to say I find the journalistic narrative of Dwight Howard interesting. But I mean if you actually watched the Rockets play. He was one of the few players through the first 50-60 games who actually played with ANY effort (refer to Clyde Drexler during every game saying, "It seems like Dwight Howard and Ariza are the only ones playing with any effort out there"). In fact for the first 50 games he seemed happy to play the role of defender, shot blocker and rim runnner. But every time he ran to the rim and was open, no one passed the ball. Whenever he asked them to throw a lob, they bounced the ball to his feet. So once the losing started to pile on, it was only then did he start to ask for more touches. Which I feel is pretty fair, because if it ain't working, why not try something new?

  • Common Sense posted 537 days ago

    Common Sense

    African Americans make up 13% of our population. 6 out of 30 is still 20% (over-representation). You're either too ignorant to realize this or you clearly have a race baiting agenda.

    I didn't read your entire article because it's clearly ridiculous...I hope you didn't try and compare African American representation of players vs. coaches. You realize the 2 require completely different skill sets and the coaching representation should fall more in line with the population percentage. Right?

  • that baller posted 539 days ago

    that baller


  • that baller posted 539 days ago

    that baller

    your a joke. one of those people that make everything into a race bait. maybe theres not more black coaches because they aren't as good or qualified? what about the lack of white players? self hating white smh

  • Alex m posted 539 days ago

    Alex m

    Anxiously awaiting your next article "Where did all the white basketball players go", starring Jimmer Fredette. The NBA employs African Americans in coaching positions at TWICE their representation in America's population. You're barking up the wrong tree with this one.

  • Sticky posted 541 days ago


    I just want to know where are all of the White NBA and NFL players. You can't call out one while ignoring the other. What you're talking about is affirmative action for the NBA and NFL. ......which is fine as long as there is a quota put on the min. number of white players each team has on it's roster. Otherwise, it's hypocritical and lacks double standards. How about just letting the person for the job/position be awarded it! Freakin' stupid Liberals and their White Guilt!

  • Juice posted 541 days ago


    Race Baiter

  • Slightly Biased Pacer Fan posted 541 days ago

    Slightly Biased  Pacer Fan

    You're a pathetic ignorant excuse for a "writer why even start controversy with an article, than delete the comments you are a coward and a fraud please do us all a favor and get a real job at McDonalds

  • Dr. Toboggan posted 541 days ago

    Dr. Toboggan

    Why would you even write up an article that separates race to begin with Coward Beck?

  • Howard Beck posted 541 days ago

    Howard Beck

    Nov. 6, 2015


    Yes, the comments section on the black coaches story was disabled. That decision was made by my editors.