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Howard Beck is a Senior Writer, in his 18th season covering the NBA. Prior to joining Bleacher Report, Beck spent nine years at the New York Times, covering the Knicks, the Nets and the NBA at large. He covered the Lakers for the Los Angeles Daily News from 1997-2004. He co-hosts NBA Sunday Tip, 9-11 am ET, on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio.
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  • Milan Tropf posted 129 days ago

    Milan Tropf

    Com'n man! You are a Cavs hater! Every time I watch your videos, you always down the Cavs and glorify the Bulls! You are doubting the best player and his team for some reason. A LBJ team can beat an unreliable Rose and co. any day of the week, LOVEless or not.

  • Mr. Sports Fanatic posted 129 days ago

    Mr. Sports Fanatic

    Cavs Hater..

  • Adrian Wojnarowski posted 217 days ago

    Adrian Wojnarowski

    Just pointing this out... In your recent article on Klay Thompson you talk about how he broke George Gervin's record for 33 points in a quarter. The record actually belonged to both Gervin and Carmelo Anthony, who scored 33 points in a quarter in 2008. So the record hadn't really "stood for 40 years" as you said. Not technically.

  • Eric Lu posted 276 days ago

    Eric Lu

    Calling Blazers a Contender and Grizzlies a Pretender after we just thrashed them. Hahaha, what a joke. I mean, we can't really blame people who are too ignorant and know nothing about basketball or the grizzlies. Do you not know who Mike Conley is? Do you not know who Marc Gasol is? Of course they can make their own shot or even create shots. Saying this, I'm not leaving out ZBO, Tony, or Lee (Who obviously made a clutch play, but you wouldn't know about it because you don't watch the NBA) but they won't be the main players trying to take over late.

  • Achutha Srinivasan posted 404 days ago

    Achutha Srinivasan

    I just watched SportsCentury of Kobe Bryant.

  • Achutha Srinivasan posted 404 days ago

    Achutha Srinivasan

    By the way, Melo may have taken the money, but it was reported to be less than the max, meaning Carmelo has given Phil a little cap space to work with. He may have chosen New York for the money, but if he really did, don't you think he'd demand the max, and not less? I believe he has chosen loyalty over winning a ring. Phil had made some good moves up to that point as well, so he does believe that Phil can build a contender.

  • Paul Bodnar posted 420 days ago

    Paul Bodnar

    That was a weak take in todays interview. Really McRoberts compared to Diaw? An aging Wade over Irving? Wade should be a bench player at this point in his career. The Heats problem is that no matter what they do to the roster, they will have players all on the downside of their careers. It's going to be tough to bring in enough offense and at their age, winning with athletic D is no longer an option.

  • Shawn Richards posted 489 days ago

    Shawn Richards

    how bout them wizards!

  • Dan Shedd posted 528 days ago

    Dan Shedd

    Howard, Thank you for coming to B/R. You have given some credibility back to this great site and I hope other quality writers will follow!

  • Joel Blumberg posted 549 days ago

    Joel Blumberg

    nice article. I was just thinking about how stats had overwhelmed the game. I guess it is inevitable (and the stats do support facts and truths, not opinions), but the micro-analysis has sucked some FUN out of the NBA.

    Here's some fun for the Heat--not a three peat ( an old and horrendous term), but a TREY BY THE BAY!!