Brandon Long

Brandon Long


The year is 1996. The house is filled with patriotic colors scattered with green and gold. Everyone is talking much louder than at the dinner table. Couches, recliners and chairs all positioned stadium style surrounding the television. Superbowl XXXI is upon us and I could care less.

This morning I wear my sweat drenched, Ken Caminiti signed, Jr. Padres baseball cap, snapped to the last snap, accompanied by a slightly over-sized T-shirt featuring Buzz Lightyear. However, my father is decked from head to toe in New England Patriots gear and in the spotlight is his Drew Bledsoe jersey. On the contrary, my mother is also dressed from head to toe but, she wears a different set of colors: Green and Gold.

To this day it has yet to be determined if it was the finger I dipped in his shot of whiskey that swayed my pre-game decision or a little whisper in my ear warning me of the Patriots conspiracies to come but, needless to say, my outfit changed in 1997.

Willingly, the Buzz Lightyear T-shirt has transformed into a Brett Favre jersey that still hangs in my closet to this day, next to the Padres hat that has been there since that following Monday. The decision I made changed my life forever because I drank the juice, or should I say, I bit the cheese and became a Packer fan for life after just 60 live minutes of a game I did not care about.

Go Pack Go.

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