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I was raised in Saginaw, MI and played varsity football and basketball at Nouvel Catholic Central.

My obsession with sports began much earlier. I am a lifelong fan of the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, Tigers, and Wolverines. Once I enrolled at MSU, I couldn't help but fall for the Spartans too.

I prefer to have multiple televisions on sports days because commercials are a bane upon the community. Basically, missing any of the action is unacceptable.

My skills as a writer were underdeveloped, but law school provided rigorous preparation for what is hopefully a healthy contribution to the Bleacher Report community.

Restore the roar!

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  • Chris Fair posted 27 days ago

    Chris Fair

    Hey Brandon. No NFL against the spread articles this year?

  • Statement First posted 301 days ago

    Statement First

    Great piece on 2014 NFL Free Agents. As a disappointed Washington "Warriors" fan and little Danny Snyder with $$$$ to spend again and no 1st rounder, I hope for Shannahan to take E. Decker, a stud Rt Guard, Geno Atkins, that Safety from the Bills and a DB in FA..its gonna cost danny boy but he owes of for nothing but disaster since he got here...Then they need to look for more Defensive rebuilding from the draft. Strong Turkish name Alisoglu!

  • david pitt posted 382 days ago

    david pitt

    Eagles in prevent 2nd half ... your picks won't be 50% man up ... OAK & CAROLINA win ...

  • Allyson Daniels posted 412 days ago

    Allyson Daniels

    No problem, Brandon, glad I could help.

  • Bigg Sexy posted 447 days ago

    Bigg Sexy


  • Ryan Jordan posted 458 days ago

    Ryan Jordan

    Your not giving to colts enough credit. You say their offense is, OK? They've got an easily top 10 quarterback with two of the best young tight ends in the leauge, a halloffamer who had his best season ever last year, a star in training camp and monster last year T.Y Hilton, a former number 1 (even if he was a little below average) receiver in oakland whos now going to be a 3? Plus a top 5 pass protecting RB in bradshaw, a two headed monster running attack with bradshaw and ballard, and our offense is ok? The offensive lines going to be better with our free agent signings and draftees, sherilus and castonzo are pretty good bookends. And our defense is going to be better everywhere, Defensive line, chapman is turning out to be a very good nose tackle, while in our linebackers, we have 2 and a half starting linebackers (don't get me started on walden though) and a secondary where if landry stays healthy hes a game chaning safety, and we have above average secondary combo with davis and ota star toler. We have a top 5 punter, the best clutch kicker ever, and we drafted a returner whos going to be pretty good it seems lik. So we have a great offense, and ill give you an average defense, and we will be lucky to even sniff the playoffs? Good luck with that.

  • Dan Talintyre posted 581 days ago

    Dan Talintyre

    Thanks Brandon. Appreciate your kind words; somewhat of a rarity for online journalism sometimes! Thanks again, Dan.

  • Olga Bicos posted 617 days ago

    Olga Bicos

    I will miss your predictions! Even when you were wrong, your articles were the most entertaining! Love your writing!

  • Edward Jones posted 641 days ago

    Edward Jones

    Wait a minute for?????

  • Jared Newman posted 646 days ago

    Jared Newman

    Haha no worries. Those are some hilarious images. Great slideshow!

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