Tony Montana

Tony Montana


I was born in KC in '69 and moved to the SF Bay Area in '74 (Oakland, Albany/Berkeley, Richmond, Vallejo and now Benicia). I am a fan of teams in both areas although I always defer to my KC teams.

I am Chiefs fan for life as well as a Niners fan although I have always been clear that when the Chiefs and Niners meet, I am pulling for my Chiefs. Favorite football moments are; 1982 Niners/Dallas playoff game ( it started an era), Chiefs/Niners when Joe Montana came back to SF to prove a point, every time the Chiefs stick it to the Raiders, In particular the game in '97 where Elvis Grbac hit Andre Rison in the end zone on the last play of the game to complete a comeback...Before that play I was sitting in a sports bar in San Jose with my stomach in my throat after I had bet darn near everyone at work on the I collected those bets with the biggest grin I think I've ever had!

In basketball I am a Golden State Warriors fan and I am actually excited about the 2012 squad...the team doctors will be earning those pay checks! My favorite basketball moments are the Run TMC era and the We Believe playoff.

In baseball I must say that I really don't follow anymore even though the sport was my first love as a kid. My fondest memories were attending Royals games at the Oakland Coliseum as a kid, so when I think about the Royals, the names that come to my mind are names like George Brett, Amos Otis, Freddie Patek, Frank White, Willie Wilson, Dan Quisenberry, Dennis Leonard, Hal McCrae, etc. Of course the 1985 series was the crowning moment.

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