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Munachimso Nnebe-Agumadu


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  • Adi-Oula Sebastian posted 2593 days ago

    Adi-Oula Sebastian

    Wassup mate?

    I just published Part II of the Clasico Countdown. Maybe you can check it out:


  • Adi-Oula Sebastian posted 2610 days ago

    Adi-Oula Sebastian

    who knows, maybe you will take a look at this:

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2626 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    whats up,have you been following the la liga season so far?
    why not do a best 11 from the 6games that have gone so far...should be a nice challenge for you till the league starts again.

    we have been going ok,but that draw away to levante,was a major disappointment to me....if we had rotated our starting lineup and drew,i wont really be so tough on the result....but we didnt,which upsets me.
    i felt alonso,ronaldo and higuain should have been replaced by granero,pedro leon and bezema for that fixture,since the 3starters did look tired late in the espanyol game.

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2654 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    no need to apoligize,great piece,well worth the wait

  • Munachimso Nnebe-Agumadu posted 2667 days ago

    Munachimso Nnebe-Agumadu

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2674 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    ok.i look forward to it

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2680 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    has a real madrid squad of the decade been done already?
    if not,will love to see you do a slide.

    redondo+makalele will be in that midfield right :)

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2689 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    is not that i dont like him,i just dont like how people keep giving him all the credit,his players little...when he has benefitted from circumstance and luck to win the biggest prize in club football.

    like madrid allowing morientes to play for monaco against them,so porto had an easier chance to win in my bias opinion.
    the offside goal milito scored in the 1st leg against barca,then the phantom handball which denied barca and second goal in the nou camp in the 2nd leg.

    all we hear mourinho is so great...its ok if people say mourinho`s chelsea....but clubs like inter and madrid identity,with great history,to be downgraded to nothing and only gain prominence because the arrival of the so many will try to make us believe is just wrong

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2690 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    he attacked all the managers who replaced him or took over after he left clubs and who jobs he took+his rivals...find some more on your favourite manager man,he full of moments lol

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2692 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    i never said ronaldo didnt deserve the jersey.