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I'm working on a list of G.O.A.T.S right now, and tell me if i'm wrong.

#1: CM Punk: Mic skills, ring ability, EVERYTHING you want out of a wrestler. I mean come on, really. 434 days of consecutive classics every single week. I've been a fan of this guy since his rivalry with Jeff in 2009, and I knew someday this guy be the man in the spotlight, and here he is, standing as the best wrestler in the world.

#2: Eddie Guerrero: LATINO HEAT! nuff said.

#3: Randy Orton: This man is a wrestling genius. His in ring psychology is amazing. He has accomplished everything there is to accomplish. RR winner, money in the bank winner, Multi-time world champion, Youngest world champion, and former IC champion, and a wrestlemania main eventer. What else is there to do?

#4: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper: The guys got everything. A good look, the best mic skills in the history of professional wrestling, and he made CM Punk the man he is today. He should be on top of the list, but my god Punk is just that good.

#5 Ultimate Warrior: A powerhouse. A classic match making machine. Warrior vs Savage, Vs Hogan, vs HHH, MAN!. He isn't a technical wrestling machine like CM Punk is, but he's got that factor where he produces incredible matches.

#6: Chris Jericho: Doesn't need a paragraph to know why he's an all time great. He is simply awesome.

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  • The Villain posted 208 days ago

    The Villain


  • The GOAT XX posted 234 days ago

    The GOAT XX

    Rock and Brock and Bryan are da best.
    ortan and cm junk suck

  • GOOD-BYE posted 235 days ago


    I'm working on a G.O.A.T. list. Can I have your top 10 G.O.A.T.'s? (Superstars, then divas)

  • Rock N Brock Connection posted 241 days ago

    Rock N Brock Connection

    Says the guy who's account is dedicated to another user...lmfao.

    In the real, you're probably a skinny f*ggot like your idol CM Punk. Let me're one of those grown men who go to WWE events decked out in merch then cries on the internet when Punk loses.

    Lmao, The Rock and Brock Lesnar haven't had good matches because their opponents were garbage. The Rock only came back to put over that POS Cena and Brock also had to put over that POS but other than that they're more relevant and important to WWE than CM Punk because WWE doesn't want them to lose unless it's that other POS Triple H.

    Lmao, Punk is a jobber. He got pinned by Roman reigns lmfao.

  • Rock N Brock Connection posted 243 days ago

    Rock N Brock Connection

    Punk is a skinny mid card f*ggot and Del Rio is a jobber, lmao he lost 2 weeks in a row to Sin Cara. It serves them right, they're boring pieces of sh*t.

    Brock is a beast and The Rock is the GOAT. You mad that Punk lost to both guys? Punk is a skinny lil b*tch and clearly isn't important enough to beat the two greatest stars of all time.

    And that dull POS Del Rio and that short, ugly troll Daniel Bryan could only dream of facing The Rock or Brock Lesnar.

  • GOOD-BYE posted 251 days ago



  • GOOD-BYE posted 251 days ago


    1. Great choice
    2. BORING
    3. Okay
    4. bad mic skills and cant wrestle
    5. old and sucks

    You should add Cena, Bryan, Bret, Macho Man, SCSA, Michaels ect.

  • Rock N Brock Connection posted 255 days ago

    Rock N Brock Connection

    AlBoring Del Rio and CM Flunk are trash, bet you didn't like Punk till his pipebomb, then you started wetting your pajamas over him.

  • GOOD-BYE posted 260 days ago


    Finally, A guy with great class!! Lol, ROCKY IS DEAD

  • you suck. the rock is not on your list