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I am 24 year olds. I graduated from Saint michales College in 2007 with a BA in English Literature. I now am an Account Executive for Ricoh Corporation ( the copy machines ). I am proud to say that I am a competative athlete and have been all my life. I was a tri sport all star in hockey, soccer, and lacrosse in high school then went on to play hockey full time in college until I took of for England to intern for a world re-known sports newspaper, The Observer, in London and play at the professional ice hockey ranks out in the UK. Seeing that the money wasn't really there for me to make a living at the time, I returned home to graduate and moved to Boston to find a decent job. Though my competative hockey career is over, I have taken to my new passion as a competative athlete in MMA, Mixed Martial Arts. My main disiplines are Brazilian JuJitsu and Muay Thai and I fight with American Top Team- Boston. I have been training for over a year now and must say this sport has become what I love to do other than hit the ice. Other than sports, I love to work out, party, work, listen to all types of music, and will always join in on a discussion about sports. As an aspiring writer, especially in sports (hockey or MMA in paticular) I always have an opinion and am willing to back it up.

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