Hey everyone, my name is Will Korn! I am from San Antonio, Texas and just graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Currently I am the sports reporter for the Sun-Telegraph in Sidney, Nebraska.

Sportswriting is my dream. Around age seven or eight, I realized that my original dream of playing professional sports would probably never come true - no matter how many times I watched Rudy or Space Jam. Still, I wanted to keep sports in my life in some way. Sportswriting is the absolute best way I know how. I'm a BIG TIME fan of all the Dallas-Ft.Worth teams. I know you're scratching your heads right now, but I should mention that I spent most of my childhood in Plano, Texas and grew up with these teams. My goal is to move back to DFW after graduation, and begin working in that market. Wish me luck!

You can follow me on Twitter: @TheRealWillKorn

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  • Brandon Bronchetti posted 1110 days ago

    Brandon Bronchetti

    Playoffs, who you got winning each of the series?

  • Will Korn posted 1386 days ago

    Will Korn

    I think I could fight myself to want to give Tanaka 6/100. You've said this before: it all comes down to what he wants. Does he want the most money possible, or does he want to be comfortable on a contending team like Texas? I guarantee you he's considering that, but I wouldn't be surprised if he just wants the money. Everybody thought Darvish was "cheap" compared to Tanaka. They forget that we paid $51.7M posting fee, which was basically put on to the 2012 payroll.

    Agreed that Yu and Holland will be fine. I trust Harrison to get back in form. He's a tremendous competitor and wants to win, an attitude and work ethic that characterizes this club. He may not win 18 games, but I don't think 12-14 is out of the question. You're absolutely right. If JD even had the slightest concern about his ability to return on time, or even effectively, we might have signed another SP by now. But, it's not even 2014 yet either. I still think JD has something up his sleeve. Probably not Tanaka, but maybe someone like Arroyo or Jimenez could be possible.

    As far as the no. 5, I think JD will be as patient as possible. He knows that at worst case he can cover that spot by committee, with Tep and Lewis. I think Lewis can handle being sort of the 5a in the rotation. But I would feel more comfortable if we could sign someone to come and in move Perez to the no. 5. He can beat most no. 5 and many no. 4's when matched up. The main thing here, is to make sure Ogando gets back in the pen. I don't want to see him making any more than maybe five emergency starts this year. He doesn't have the arm or the endurance to start even 20 games. And he's too valuable to have on the DL three times. So I think they should scrape up the cash for a more veteran #3-4 type guy. As far as I can see, Ubaldo or Arroyo are the best available for the value. But I'd be very cautious with Arroyo, especially in the AL.

    Colby should be a 5a at best. He's only hitting 88-89 tops right now, and has lost about 2-3 ticks since June of 12. It's a bit unnerving because it does seem like this uncertainty with the last spot in the rotation is the only thing keeping us from being the undisputed AL favorites. But I really do think JD has something in the works. I trust his judgment, and if you and recognize these concerns, he definitely does, regardless of whatever he tells the media with his poker skills.

    The offense might be BETTER than 2011. A tick less power, but much better on-base skills. When guys are constantly on base, power is slightly less important. A single or double will do. Our offense will be the most complete in baseball, or at least the AL. We can mash and manufacture, and can adjust to anything thrown at us. The personnel and talent are there to handle that.

    Anyway, I think I'm starting to ramble too!

  • Trevor Judge posted 1386 days ago

    Trevor Judge

    All very good points. I say if we can get Tanaka for anywhere near $100M on a 6+ year deal I would jump on it. But as you stated, the Yankees are going to go beyond that number for sure.

    I'm just worried about the back end of the rotation. Darvish and Holland are our rocks. But it gets a little uncertain after that. I think Perez will have a great year...I'd hope for around 15 wins and an ERA around 3.5. Harrison is a real wild card. I'm assuming he is coming back strong in his rehab, otherwise we would have spent money on starting pitching this offseason. So if he can return anywhere to his 2012 form we will be solid. The 5th starter is the real concern. Do we even know who it's going to be? Tep? Feliz? Ogando? Colby?

    In a perfect world, we get solid production from Tepesch in the 5 spot, move Ogando back to the bullpen (where I think he is most effective), and let Feliz close again if he is capable (allowing us to keep Tanner as our setup man).

    BUT, what if someone gets hurt? From what I've heard, Colby's velocity is nowhere near where it used to be. I seriously doubt at his age and with his injury history, we can get any sort of useful production out of him. I hope I'm wrong but I'm just being realistic. We would be better off getting our younger starters more experience.

    Idk I'm just starting to ramble now. I really hope we can get Tanaka at the right price. At $100M over 6 years, you're basically paying him $20M a year. There are ACES that can be had for around that price. So maybe we should just let him go. Hopefully our offense gets back to 2011 levels and pitching wont matter as much.