da bears in new jersey

da bears in new jersey

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  • Blanton Stamey posted 180 days ago

    Blanton  Stamey

    Why do you love Cutler so much?

  • Blanton Stamey posted 183 days ago

    Blanton  Stamey

    I don't like you. At all.

  • Jacob Beyene posted 185 days ago

    Jacob Beyene

    what a idiot you are your comment on ggg vs sergio martinez claiming floyd ducked cotto is so stupid go and play in traffic you dont know nothing

  • Blanton Stamey posted 201 days ago

    Blanton  Stamey

    Why are you always talking about how other people are biased, when you're really the one biased. You practically get on your knees for Cutler.

  • Blanton Stamey posted 202 days ago

    Blanton  Stamey

    I hate you.

  • Joe Blow posted 243 days ago

    Joe Blow

    I'm done wasting my time with you. 2K on this Cotto /Saul fight and I take Saul...Unless you want to bet more? I hope your STUPIDITY doesn't make you end up in the bottom of a lake before I collect my $$$$