Real Life Herbie Husker

Real Life Herbie Husker


The old Hickish Herbie was T. Kent Titze's favorite due to a personal resemblance he shared. As time changed, Herbie underwent a few makeovers, the most recent coming before the 2003 college football season. Until 2003 he was dressed in denim coveralls, a red cowboy hat emblazoned with a large N, and had an ear of corn in his pocket. Kent could not let go, so he preserved and assumed the image of the Herbie of yesteryear and found very popular approval from Nebraska fans as well as other fans for the old mascot that they knew, loved and missed. Herbie brings out the kid in everyone, especially in Kent. The fun, laughter, excitement and cheer is contagious and is a shared value that must remain and remind us Nebraskans of our rugged past.

Herbie Titze invites all to share in the merriment and celebration of Nebraska football and has designed this website with the assistance of his son Abe Titze so that Nebraska fans everywhere can post pictures, videos and blogs. Come visit our photos and see Herbie’s progression and Highlights. Herbie Titze and family were accepted as premier casting call Nebraska fan characters in the Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man” .

Herbie Titze proposed to his beautiful wife Fran on the scoreboard of the Nebraska vs. Arizona State game on Aug 24th 2002 which read “Fran will you marry me and share half of your season tickets with me for the rest of our lives.”

Herbie Titze was seen in Time magazine online, pay per view, ABC Sports Reel, in the Omaha World Herald, Nebraska University Communications. He has made the big screen several times in Lincoln. He makes occasional visits to group homes, hospitals, retirement centers and non-profit organizations to promote enthusiasm for Big Red Football.

Watch for Herbie Titze at the games both home and away! He invites you to share your photos, videos and comments. The message that Herbie would like to share with everyone is, "GO BIG RED!!!!!"

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