19 years old, college student, sports enthusiast. I bleed maize and blue

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  • Jim Flannery posted 817 days ago

    Jim Flannery

    Hey, thanks for becoming a fan! Much appreciated! Looking forward to seeing you jump back into the writing side of things. :)

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 1242 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Dmitri,

    Check out my article about Lovie Smith when you have a chance and let me know what you think of it. It really breaks down what he has down since he became the Bears coach. Thanks in advance.


  • Alabama Voodoo posted 1564 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    Auburn and Alabama Rivalry In Need Of a Truce and Some Mutual Respect | http://t.co/d1yqDfq

  • Dan Holmes posted 1581 days ago

    Dan Holmes

    Oh Dmitri?

  • Link posted 1586 days ago


    Bear Troll. SMH.

  • Killer Carlson posted 1587 days ago

    Killer Carlson

    Quiet down mongo

  • Thomas H. posted 1609 days ago

    Thomas H.


  • Fuzzy Dunlop posted 1637 days ago

    Fuzzy Dunlop

    No problem, Dmitri. Left you some feedback.

  • Angry Trey posted 1744 days ago

    Angry Trey

    Hey loser, I saw that you posted a comment on my blog about the Bears. Funny thing is, nobody cares about the Bears.

    Your other comment was "My Chicago Bears can whip the shit out of your shitty little TCU team anyday of the week!"

    How old are you? It seems like you have the mind capacity of a two year old. I would hope a professional NFL team could beat a College team. If not your Bears have serious issues.

    And Bleacherreport.com made you an editor? Jeez. Was one of the requirements to be as big of a d-bag as possible?

    Get a life, and remember, nobody gives two shits about your bears. Loser

  • L.J. Burgess posted 1766 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    You're about a week too late there lil fella.

    That's been over and done with for a while now.

    And besides...what goes on between Chrissy and myself is none of your business...right?

    Don't get busted for harrassing senior citizens you whipper snapper.

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