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An award-winning sports journalist, Samuel Chi covered a variety of events from the Super Bowl and the Masters to the Tour de France and Hong Kong's changeover from Britain to China. He is the proprietor of and managing editor of

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    The boxer Klitschko from Ukraine - pro-American! It supports the new illegal Ukrainian power which came by revolution and overthrow with support of the American politicians! As also Klitschko receives the financial help from America to support this illegal Ukrainian power. This new illegal pro-American government uses the weapon, volley hail systems, tanks and phosphorus-incendiary bombs against peace and unarmed inhabitants! And Klitschko too supports it! PEOPLE, Klitschko - the fascist because it, supports this fascist power which by means of America came to the power in Ukraine! People, tell at home about this boxer Klitschko - he isn't worthy the champion titles and awards! Klitschko - a condom! Кому интересна правда, кто может и не боится рассказать своим друзьям эту правду и кому не безразлична судьба МИРА (от того что происходит на Украине сейчас зависит все равновесие во всем МИРЕ. ) - пишите и спрашивайте:

  • MackBrown posted 126 days ago


    So basically i don't like yu but you may be my father in law someday :}

  • MackBrown posted 126 days ago


    You will never be up there with Felder and Salle, Chinks should stick to math not complaining cause in the South we're better at football and take all you're peoples Asian daughters,,,,,mmmmhhhmmmm they loves us country boys long time

  • J D posted 161 days ago

    J D

    A four team playoff is a joke. Unfair. Meaningless. Only a 64 of 32 team play off would be fair. It will happen in the far or hopefully near future. I sent emails to writers starting in 2011. Here is a Idiots guide to a playoff using the first two Saturdays in December and Using 4 top bowl games on New Years Day.

    FACT: There are always 13 Saturdays in the 92 days of September thru November
    STEP ONE: Require all teams to finish their 12 GAMES by the END of November. There would be time for ONE OPEN DATE . Or TWO using the LAST SATURDAY in AUGUST. STEP TWO: Have an NCAA selection committee pick the TOP 32 Football Teams: FOUR Divisions would be set up: East, South, Midwest, West. Four Number One Seeds would be chosen in each Division and progressively on down: Number Two through Eight. SEED Number One would play Number Eight, Number Two plays Number Seven and so on.
    STEP THREE: SIXTEEN GAMES would be played ( 32 Chosen Teams) on the First Saturday in December. The SWEET SIXTEEN winners would play on the second Saturday in December. STEP FOUR: The Elite Eight Winners are in the HIGHEST FOUR BOWLS called CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLS and would be played on New Years Day. STEP FIVE: The FOUR QUARTER FINAL TEAMS play their TWO GAMES on January 8 or later. STEP SIX : THE FINALS: 2 WINNERS would play a week later near January 17 for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Conclusion: Only FOUR TEAMS would NEED to PLAY past the Holiday Weekend of January the 1st. And the rest of the Teams could go back to their studies and Classes.
    Also: The 30 plus BOWLS are kept . The LOSERS in the FIRST or SECOND Round can PLAY again in any BOWLS but the FOUR CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLS and win and rejoin the Top Twenty five.

  • Edward Watson posted 266 days ago

    Edward Watson

    This guy is garbage..

  • Nick Noneya posted 288 days ago

    Nick Noneya

    They say if you can't say anything nice about someone, keep quiet!
    I'll do that!

  • Sebastian Lena posted 327 days ago

    Sebastian Lena

    Glad to see you on B/R, Sam! Long time reader of your site.

    Would love to hear how you think my Oklahoma Sooners will fare this year in the BCS!