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They finally gave me the keys to the Caddy!
Why the life jacket? Protection, of course.

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  • Kody Olerud posted 741 days ago

    Kody Olerud

    The article that you wrote about the Boston Marathon gave me chills. Great article, prayers to the great city of Boston.

  • Brian King posted 741 days ago

    Brian King

    You wrote an article about your experience at the Boston Marathon and mentioned that your good friend's cousin lost both his legs. I am interested in donating money so that he can afford prosthetics. Do you know any way I would be able to get that money to him?

  • Dan Riaz posted 788 days ago

    Dan Riaz


  • Jeff Chase posted 1188 days ago

    Jeff Chase

    Hey RM.

    They have me doing a 2012 version of the 50 Greatest Sports Upsets piece, and I would just like to thank you for having done the piece in the past so that I had something to look upon.

  • _ _ posted 1292 days ago

    _ _

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  • Rick McMahan posted 1378 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Hey buddy, how are you doing? You were kind enough to request that I let you know when I did an expanded piece on Brice Taylor, USC's first all-American. I published it this morning, and it can be found here:

    I am using this as a prelude to a short biography I am considering writing on this amazing man....


  • Ethan Norof posted 1430 days ago

    Ethan Norof

    you're just so fly, man.

  • RM Herold posted 1506 days ago

    RM Herold!/BR_Swagger

  • George McCann posted 1564 days ago

    George McCann

    Below are the articles you wanted to check out. Thanks.

  • George McCann posted 1564 days ago

    George McCann