Miami  Bandwagons

Miami Bandwagons

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Welcome to the official Miami Heat bandwagon league page..! If you wish to become apart of our team and face the other teams in our league,feel free to leave a form below:

Name:__The Stig____
Reason for transfer:
A:Player trade
B:Team became unpopular
C:Lebron James
D:All of the above
Last team(s) you were a fan of:________________(Lakers,Celtics,and Thunder)
How long do you plan on staying?:
A:One Season
B:Whenever Lebron leaves
C:Not sure/Unstable
Picked up:
The Stig
Heat ALL Day
All Clipper,40% of Laker fans,and 25% of OKC fans)
Greg Oden(He's the next SHAQ but his knees are strongerzzz!)
Beasley(He's good at 'shooting'!!! He must be 'smoking' because he's awesome!

Mike Miller

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