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  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1114 days ago


    Virginia sucks GO NOLES! How bout Uga losing with the great Jeremy Pruitt hahahaha stupid dog fans!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1176 days ago


    Damn bro FSU vs ok state game smh

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1470 days ago


    Wassup Dadgummit

    I didn't know you responded to me on your profile sorry for late response. I just happen to come say whatup to ya and seen your response. Economy is ok. I will say it's expensive to live down here, but we don't pay state tax either. I promise if you come to FL man I will make sure you get love. FSU is deep down here and bro I will add you to my Nole Tribe. I went to the FSU vs Miami game man it was so much fun bro you will love it. FL is a great state bro you would love it. Come back home my man, I know you in Ohio, but in your heart you a FL boi ahahaha. I bet Ohio is nice to man I respect where everybody from. I know Ohio got some good stuff, I got family up there. GO NOLES from Ohio to FL. I'm so glad your not a bucks fan I give you more props for being a true Seminole. FL people would love an out of state guy reppin FSU in his own state. You could have been a buckeye fan. I appreciate your love and passion for FSU. GO NOLES!

  • Peter Warrick posted 1488 days ago

    Peter Warrick

    Man i need to get that way man this ohio shit is for the birds foreal i need to be to my nole football family how is the economy that way?

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1491 days ago


    Just got back from my bar and responding to all 54 clemsux fans that talked shit to me! Then i'm going to church because I am a huge sinner after a game like this lol! GO NOLES! I told them we was gonna blow them out! I listen to that French Montana I ain't worried bout nann! GO NOLES!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1495 days ago


    Who is your top 5 fav noles of all time. Winston will be by season's end, just want to see him win the hyped games. Mine is probably surpising to most FSU fans but here is mine in no certain order.

    1. Ward

    2. Janikowski

    3. "Buster" Davis

    4. The whole 03 team that beat the gators up in a fight

    5. Jameis Winston/Peter Warrick

  • Taylor Allderdice posted 1495 days ago

    Taylor Allderdice


  • Peter Warrick posted 1527 days ago

    Peter Warrick

    No Doubt!

  • Kyle Fields posted 1527 days ago

    Kyle Fields

    Thank's Edwin. You keep it real man. Enjoy some CFB this weekend & let's not let the big machine divide & conquer us, huh? Cheers.