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Joe Davison

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Born in Miami attended my 1st Canes game in 1962 so anything there is to know about Canes football I can tell you

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  • Joe Davison posted 1491 days ago

    Joe Davison

    I'm not discounting Antrellas I know his parents but he became a great safety. Owens played on bad teams at miami when no one followed the Canes. He was incredibly gifted and in NFL played safety and cornerback like Rolle but to have Buchannon mentioned and not Jennings and Owens is wrong.

  • David Mayer posted 1491 days ago

    David Mayer

    5th in interceptions, including 3 in one game a bust? He would be starting on most NFL teams at cornerback. NY also used him at CB in 5 games last year. He is good at both.

  • Joe Davison posted 1492 days ago

    Joe Davison

    David as I stated before Owens was a FAR better cornerback, Rolle was a bust as a cornerback in NFL and has been great as a safety. As a cornerback Owens was by far the best

  • David Mayer posted 1492 days ago

    David Mayer

    I read your comment to Scott, about Owens being the best Hurricane CB. You truly believe he is better then Antrel Rolle who already has back to back Pro Bowls in just a few years into the league?

  • Joe Davison posted 1493 days ago

    Joe Davison

    Miller will definitely start at RB but James will get plenty of playing time as he is one of the most unselfish players we have ever had. I have a gut feeling Jacory is going to start with new coaches and a new attitude but if he throws any ill adfvised ints he will be pulled. Johnson might not have been in the best shape as Golden told us at a dinner that proper conditioning can cure dropped passes so I can see him having a breakout year. Go Canes!

  • Austin Fox posted 1493 days ago

    Austin Fox

    I've got three questions for you: is Lamar Miller or Mike James going to start? Is Stephen Morris going to start? and why hasn't Aldarius Johnson turned out yet? Thanks