Slippery Pete

Slippery Pete


I'm into metrosexual fashion, carz and anime! LUV FOOT BALL!!! WINK SMIRK!!! Go Falcons!!! But my fave playa is Tim Tebow...Ima find a way get him on my team in moore than one wayz! "We neeeed a shortstop real bad!" get out

But lately I beens scripting. It's kinda fun, 'specially when I get to .trim KB's tmpStr length! MMMMMMM. If uze eva get to Hotlanta holla at me and my BFF Shauna! "She aint got no alibyi" She what? Yeah, that's my story n I'ma stickin to it!


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  • Scott Ottersen posted 2824 days ago

    Scott Ottersen

    Nice touch with the WNBA community join! Too funny.