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  • Michael L posted 999 days ago

    Michael L

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Still no better than the second best team in your half of the Pac-12 conference. WTD=We're Totally Delusional

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1013 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Hey there Mallard. Thanks for the good wishes on the road brother. Agreed about the offensive line man. We've been fortunate not to see Mariota's injury resurface again, but the offensive line keeps taking hits. I'm hoping it doesn't weigh in too heavy on us this weekend against WSU, so we can get a good clean win, then get to the bye week and break where we can possibly get some of those guys healthy. CANT WAIT FOR STANFORD!!! It will be nice to finally put an END to that crap. Hope all is peachy in your world brother.

  • Torrey Lane posted 1035 days ago

    Torrey Lane

    Yeah man, this is what college football is all about. Talking trash and loving the sport all the same. I am so damn fired up for this playoff system that we finally have. You bastards need to take care of business with MSU and Stanford and hopefully we can do our thing in the SEC and we just might get that dream match of Duck vs Bama. Cant wait.

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1046 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Been a busy offseason for our Ducks as well brother. Gaining 125+ pounds on the O line collectively... Royce Freeman making huge noise in practice.... Mariota going 220lbs instead of 195.... Tyner and Marshall... Mundt... I see a bit of power up tempo game getting jack hammered at opponents lines this year. Could be a very interesting ride this year man. Boom boom boom boom boomboomboom like Tyson. lol

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1077 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Hey What ya been up to there Duck Brother? Ready for the season yet?

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1131 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Ya... unfortunately... Michael Loser has made it his new thing now. Diving off into the sludgy depths of trolldom... He's got my user pic and is still posting all over Oregon articles with it. So use caution and spread the word... it's rather easy to tell the real me from the Michael L creation.. all he's doing is posting "My ducks will not beat anybody" crap all over the place. LMAO!!! I can't even believe someone would be so pathetic and desperate for attention as to make moves like this on a damn sports blog... but whatever... apparently he has absolutely no life none whatsoever. Quite evident now that all over our assumptions about this jackass are quite true. LOL!!!

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1132 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Hahahaha!! I haven't even been on his profile page. But a couple days ago, somebody stole my profile pic off my page, used my exact user name, and started posting a bunch of hate runts under my name about the Ducks. Appears he's back to his usual lowlife ways. Not a shocker coming from Michael L, that's for damn sure. And I'm thrilled about this upcoming season!! All the muscle mass and weight gains due to tweaking Radcliff's physical training program. This is gonna be a BIGGER STRONGER Duck team this year. Still tons of speed and tempo, but now SIZE to go with it. Pellum to is really big on playing a more physical game, and I've read bunches of articles about him planning to use the 3-4 Aliotti system, but tweaking it to be more physical and stout up front. Hoping the "tweaks" spell out a really stiff and stingy defensive front, and yet still have guys like IFO shutting down the passing game and coming up with picks and pick sixes. Should be another amazing year if it all shakes out the way I think it is. Tyner stepping up, Marshall, those guys mixing it up with a more physical run game in the absence of the lighter DeAnthony. Mariota's final year, and the experience and maturity under his belt. Should be an incredible season, and don't have to wait long to see them get tested on a big stage, Michigan State in game 2!!! And it's at Autzen!!! Stoked!!!

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1152 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Hey there. Just wanted to swing by and say hello to my fellow Troll Slaying Duck Brother. Ya been busy lately? Get to see the spring game today. Tyner looks like he's gonna be an absolute BEAST this year. Anyway, yap at ya later.

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1188 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Why hello there. No apologies needed Duck brother. Just figured your off and runnin doing your own thing. Ya... that message was from when the news of this proposed rule about snapping the ball came out... you know guys like Saban were just jumping up and down in excitement over that one... then... NCAA curbed it!! Hahahahaha!! Thank god. I know even as fast as Oregon likes to run, they rarely snap it inside of ten seconds, but still... it's just the point of it, and the fact that a rule like that would likely only be the beginning of a bunch of crap coming down the pike that would ruin the game. So I'm thrilled they decided to not even let it come to vote. Just trash that idea!! Thanks for the good wishes on my travels brother. This time of year is always the worst when it comes to weather and so on. Haven't been through PDX in quite awhile actually. I've been working locally down here in Texas after spending quite a bit of time running up and down the east coast. You familiar with Portland? I lived there for 9 years. Grew up in Alaska and Oregon, but lived in Portland through my 20's after moving up from Eugene. Is 23rd avenue still a hot spot for shopping and stuff? Used to be this old Victorian house there that they converted to a coffee shop, made a bad ass cup a joe man... I remember reading the paper in there, sipping coffee and listening to the old wood floor creek as people passed by me. Hahahaha.. places like that are what makes Portland what it is. Used to hang out at a place called "The Lotus" too, a club. Not even sure if that's still there anymore. And Crystal Ballroom too. That place used to have a suspended dance floor. Anyway, I'm rambling now, but yes, I miss Portland. Portlandia!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1231 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Oh I'm so pissed off I can't even contain myself man!!!! You read this article about he rule changes for next year yet? Their actually trying to enact a rule about snapping the ball too soon!!!! Says their gonna throw a "delay of game" flag for snapping the ball before allowing defenses ample time to substitute, and can't snap the ball before the play clock reaches at least 29 seconds. I call total BS on this one man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this happens, college ball is becoming a total joke that is only laughed at by the blowhard traditionalists!!! What a bunch of puke! Totally pathetic.