Mark Clemens

Mark Clemens


Just a hard working Joe that eats, drinks, breathes and sleeps Crimson Tide football, 365 days a year. A supervisor/lead in the fabrication department for a major polymer supplier, Mark enjoys flip flops, camouflage cargo shorts and fishing in the off season. Basically, just a regular guy working a regular job and aspiring to eventually write an honest to goodness article for B/R, someday. lol!!

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  • Mark Davis posted 2003 days ago

    Mark Davis

    Did you graduate from Minor High in 87?

  • Dr. SEC posted 2054 days ago

    Dr. SEC

    Hey Mark...No problem at all. The reason I love the SEC is because of the passionate fans. Even though I was not offended, it does show your high character to apologize just in case. I hope your day got better.

  • Larry Burton posted 2137 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Hey Larry, do you think that this Miami issue will affect Bama in any way? Two of their current coaches (Stoutland being one) have been implicated in possible illegal recruiting, while at Miami, by this Shapiro fellow. Just a little concerned, is all! THANX!

    No, not unless they've done that here... Penalties rarely follow a coach to his next job unless he's banned which is VERY unlikely for an assistant coach...

  • bamadoll posted 2138 days ago


    lol..yes I been a little bad, but not very :) I dont know about you but I'm ready for some football!!

  • bamadoll posted 2181 days ago


    Happy Fourth of July!:)

  • bamadoll posted 2242 days ago


    how are you doing after the awful storms ?

  • John Rozum posted 2305 days ago

    John Rozum

    FYI bro, I did an all-encompassed SEC Football article.

  • bamadoll posted 2314 days ago


    nice pic of you:)

  • bamadoll posted 2332 days ago


    hi stranger

  • bamadoll posted 2347 days ago


    Im sorry to hear that. I hope you are 100% better now