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Nucky thaGreat was born Edmond Anthony Breaux Jr. in New Orleans on April 28th 1981 he got his name "Nucky" from his dad who was named the same and has been a Saints fan since he could remember. Watching the Saints every year with an optimistic view of the season. Rumor has it his first words were "Who Dat"! He moved from New Orleans to Port Arthur, Texas in 1990. There he found a lot of Saints fans but the team there was the Houston Oilers. He maintained his love for the Who Dat watching the dome patrol dominate and the offense loose close games. But with all the losses he still maintained that the "Saints gonna win the Superbowl this year". In 1996 he moved to Fort Worth, Texas , a city right outside Dallas, It was there he really got into watching football cause he was also playing it. After a short but eventful football career he took up a career in music becoming an accomplished writer and recording artist. But his real passion was engineering so, he went to school and studied Audio Engineering. Now he is an certified audio engineer, graphic designer, photographer, and business man. He owns Tha Bake Shop Studios, part owner of Xavier Jordan Photography and Fresh Baked Designs, iAMG Entertainment, Dawg Life Records, and iAMG Clothing Company. As you can see he has his hands in everything. But, if you strip away all of that you will find a die hard Saints fan yelling "Who Dat". When the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010 he watched it by his self with his father, who was a die hard Saints fan as well, there in spirit. His father was tragically gunned down in the winter of 1998. He was the one that got Nucky his start in the Who Dat Nation. "I know he was there with me, when Tracy Porter picked it off and seeled the game we cried together." "Who Dat"! - Nucky tha Great. He knows his football and he loves his team. WHO DAT 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!

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