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Pompaci Behcet


Musician by trade, BA by education.

Not here to win hearts, just to say things needed to be said a long time ago.

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  • Anthony Capricuso posted 2542 days ago

    Anthony Capricuso

    Os, I hope you are well. But my GeminiDrive has done it again.

    Well since last month I have not been home a lot with work and shows, I plugged the GeminiDrive in with the batterypack you sent me - worked well. Wallwart? Worked well. Earlier this evening I finally got a few hours of downtime - I decided to incorporate the GeminiDrive back into the pedal board ... Same thing - blown again. Same exact problem. I run about 6 other pedals with this pedal power (usually 4 at a time) with no problems.

    I can't take another turn at this. I would truly prefer that you refund me and I send the pedal back to you. I don't expect this to resolve differently at this point.

    I really hope we can resolve this.

    Thank you,

  • Bass Player posted 2583 days ago

    Bass Player

    So, you are a self-proclaimed defender of the unjustly accused? What about the justly accused, such as yourself? Not cool.

  • Anthony Capricuso posted 2584 days ago

    Anthony Capricuso

    Oh, and I would certainly expect to get the pedal returned to me in proper working order.

  • Anthony Capricuso posted 2584 days ago

    Anthony Capricuso

    Os, are you planning on ever returning my GeminiDrive or do you expect me to simply write off my $225.00 investment in your product? I was hoping for better out of this situation. You know how to get in touch with me, I am hoping you will make things right. Soon.

  • Joe Electronix posted 2584 days ago

    Joe Electronix

    Hey man these people in the effects forum are wondering when you're going to get back to them about the pedals.

  • Sachin Arora posted 2664 days ago

    Sachin Arora

    Hey Os, glad to have you on board as a featured columnist.