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  • Chris Lane posted 1496 days ago

    Chris Lane

    See....even you have called me names and know nothing about me. Trolls deserve no mercy. I read your comment to Mr. Coppens and you are very lost when it comes to me. If you are going to throw some hate at someone from Buckeye Nation, don't throw it at someone in a heated argument with a Badger fan/writer.

    Imagine how mine and Mr. Coppens's argument had been if after my first argument, when he started the name calling, if he had said something like "I'm sorry we disagree, that is the way I see it and I feel that my facts, stats, and reasons back my opinion up".

    I probably would have said something like "Your stats are based on last year's squad which is replacing 6 of their front 7 and their secondary is the strength of the Buckeye defense. It is a new year, isn't it?"

    Mr. Coppens proved that he could NOT take ANY criticism whatsoever and began calling me A TROLL. TROLLS KILL B/R. When I came here 5 years ago, that is what made me love the place so much. There were VERY, VERY few trolls at all. I come to B/R to DEBATE CFB issues and stories. I did that, I beat Mr. Coppens to death, and he couldn't take it....CASE CLOSED. I'm sorry that you don't know me better. You'd see why 3 of my "fans" are Michigan fans and at least 2 of them are Wisconsin fans.

    Hang'll see more of my posts as you had less than 15 comments when you unknowingly judged me and took the WRONG GUY'S SIDE! Remember....10,000 comments from don't know me at all....but you have already called me an a$$hole. I don't use language like that except to make fun of people that have already said the same words that I repeat. I have been a very loyal of Buckeye Nation since birth...that is 40 years, and you think I EMBARRASS Buckeye Nation by seeing a few of my comments. I have more fans than lots of writers here and most of them tell me to keep my comments long so they have something more believable to read. know nothing about me.

    Don't take offense when I see you and your "alter ego" name around. See....I don't use an alter ego. I use my real name and feel I have no reason to hide. Again....good luck to you....I'm sorry you don't know anything about me except for the FACT that I have been writing here for about 100 times as long as Mr. Coppens, who happens to be a Badger fan and knows very little about CFB....until he proves different to me. It wasn't your fight....and he should have done what a responsible WRITER SHOULD HAVE DONE. Instead, he picked a fight with a man that can crush him in ANY CFB debate.

    I'm sorry that you don't see my point.

    Go Buckeyes!!!

  • Chris Lane posted 1496 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I have been coming to B/R for 5 years and close to 10,000 comments. You obviously didn't see the entire conversation between me an Mr. Coppens before you trashed me in front of him. I am far from a troll (but was called one by Mr. Coppens). I have never written a single article here at B/R but I have a total of 19 "fans" of my writing. If you don't see that Mr. Coppens is obviously not prepared for his job, I apologize. I said a few words to him and my comments were deleted and then was called a troll. You know nothing about me at all. I am as far from a troll as possible and I simply pointed out how his FACTS that he brought up in his story were either false or were 100% insignificant.

    After that, I tried to talk to him off of the books (where no one could see what we were writing back and forth but B/R was not working properly.

    If I were a writer here, the last thing that I would do if someone questioned my article was call him names and research his comments WITH OHIO STATE TROLLS to judge him. That is exactly what he did and then POSTED HIS FINDINGS WHERE EVERYONE could see them. I was the one that at least took our disagreement to his bulletin board, where it was as much between him and me as I could make it (as I said, at the time I could not post a private message to him.

    By that time though, I had already been called a troll for the FIRST TIME EVER IN FIVE YEARS HERE and he had already judged me to the point of saying that I'm rude to EVERYONE I speak to here.

    I'm far from rude to everyone here (mindless trolls and haters not included) and I NORMALLY apologize for disagreeing with someone (if there is a disagreement, plus I ALWAYS end my comments with "Good luck to you and your Badgers".....or whichever team they are a fan of. If you went through my history, you would see. He went through my history, lied about his findings, and then posted them.

    Be on his side all you want....but if you are a Buckeye fan and really didn't think that Roby and Barnett's return would make the Ohio State secondary stronger after both were out after week #1, I apologize to you for not agreeing that the best 2 players in the Buckeye secondary returning would not make a difference in your opinion.

    He used overall team stats as his proof that he was correct in his article. That has NOTHING to do with the secondary on its own plus he forgot to mention the FACT that the Buckeyes won EVERY game of 2012 and the opponents were forced to abandon the run so they were forced to pass just to stay in the game......when the 2012 Buckeyes were not even the team that is in discussion in the article.

    Think what you want. I'm a proud member of Buckeye Nation and always have been since birth...Besides, almost EVERY Buckeye fan agreed with me on the issue, but he chose to call me names (as a WRITER HERE). I had every reason to go after him hard. That is what I did, too.

    In the end, I didn't call him an idiot. I didn't call him a moron. I just told him that last years stats had nothing to do with this season's team and using those stats only showed how badly the Bucks' opponents had to try to play catch-up by using the passing game. Believe what you wish. I'm just a 40 year old man that knows twice as much as Mr. Coppens does about football but he has a "journalism degree" of some kind. That kid is 20 years from knowing what I know about CFB. If you want to hate me for saying and believing that, so be it.

    You just keep believing all of his anti-Buckeye stories that he writes that have ZERO proof to back them up.....I WON'T!

    Good luck to you and our Buckeyes!!!

  • Andrew Coppens posted 1502 days ago

    Andrew Coppens

    Thanks for the kind message... I don't hold it against the majority of Buckeye fans as most of them have been kind, even in disagreement. Sports should be all about debate, but that guy sure took it a step or 20 too far.

    Appreciate you sticking up for me and hope you enjoy what is coming as I work here to cover the Big Ten.