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  • AJ Singh posted 241 days ago

    AJ Singh

    Hey remember when you said Seattle was at best an 8-8 squad? hahhaah garbage ass fudgepackers

  • Mighty Birds Of Prey is Back posted 631 days ago

    Mighty Birds Of Prey is Back

    If you don't like what I say, don't read my comments.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!

  • AJ Singh posted 631 days ago

    AJ Singh

    Well if that's all you see me do, you're completely wrong. I totally respect Atlanta and San Francisco, and even Green Bay for all that matters. They're all damn good teams and I take nothing away from them. You're only seeing a part of the picture with me, especially if you're referring to the atlanta fan annoying the hell out of me on my page. If you must know, he was the one who initiated the conversation, calling me childish names such as Seacocks and what not. Naturally, I will defend my team with proper facts and return the favor to the aggressor. My arguments are coherent and they're plausible. I never denied their victory, I agree that Atlanta beat us fair and square, but I do NOT believe for one second that gives that guy on my profile the right to say "Seadderall Seahawks wont even make the playoffs" blah blah blah. Now tell me, who's the homer here? I only argue for the truth, not for the sake of arguing. You're entitled to your opinion that Seattle will go 8-8, while I strongly disagree (I'm thinking 11-5 or 12-4 even with the tough schedule). Next, the Seattle and Green Bay game was filled with controversy. Please don't act like you lost solely on the last play. Look back at the 8 sacks on Rogers, the horrible PI call on third down of your last scoring drive(without which you would never have even touched the lead). There was alot more to that game than you're willing to admit. Nowhere did I mention Seattle as a top team without including SF or Denver, understand that. Also if you must know, the idiot you're defending loudly proclaimed that Green Bay is the most overrated team in the NFL, so you probably should have a word with him in the near future.