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  • Samuel Mensah posted 1143 days ago

    Samuel Mensah

  • nwmsjbjd wsapgusu posted 1338 days ago

    nwmsjbjd wsapgusu

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  • John Houmes posted 1499 days ago

    John Houmes

    Season 3 of Bleacher Report Fantasy League is underway. Go to
    After you have picked your team, click on LEAGUES and enter this code: 386636-103177
    Cut and paste this message on a few other people’s page so that the word gets around.

  • Owen Watson posted 1670 days ago

    Owen Watson

    Benjamin, don't really like to go down this 'bulletin board self promotion' route, but was wondering if you'd take a look @ this when you get a chance

    It's quite long, but I'd be interested to know who you see as having the potential to be one of the four biggest sides in England at the end of the decade...

  • Barney Corkhill posted 1671 days ago

    Barney Corkhill

    Hey Benjamin,

    The Roma machine roars on as they extend their unbeaten run to 17 matches, retaining the UWCC in the process, but this presents an even bigger question: Can they challenge Inter Milan for the Serie A title?

    On this form, who says they can't?

    Their most recent match against Siena was another great match, with two genuinely world class goals, one of which came in the last minute!

    Also, find out where the title would be now if Manchester United had beaten Chelsea in the Community Shield, and in another brand new feature find out where the title was exactly a year ago today!


  • Andrew Jordan posted 1739 days ago

    Andrew Jordan

    Hey Benjamin, I just created a list of the ten greatest comebacks in football.

    Please tell me what you think about it.

  • Andrew Jordan posted 1745 days ago

    Andrew Jordan

    Benjamin, after the Henry handball yesterday, I have decided that replay must be implemented in the beautiful game somehow. Please tell me your reaction.

  • Andrew Jordan posted 1779 days ago

    Andrew Jordan

    Hey Benjamin, I just made a slideshow over what are the ten best international football rivalries. I would appreciate it if you could give me your reaction.

    Thanks, Andrew

  • jordan milton posted 1784 days ago

    jordan milton

    check out the article mate hope u like

  • Marzia Hazra posted 1786 days ago

    Marzia Hazra

    Thanks for the fan add, cheers ;)