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I'm a straight shooter and calls them as I see them. My other job includes being a part-time sports editor of the Milwaukee Community Journal, a black weekly newspaper. I believe that sports bring people together, no matter where they meet. One day, I hope one of my posted articles on the Bleacher Report get noticed by big-time media. I'm a little rebellious. I like to toot my own horn. That's what happens to people like me who were born in the turbulent 60's decade.

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  • King J posted 1570 days ago

    King J

    Alright guys We doing it once again! Get them into me ASAP deadlines Sat April 30th! GOOD LUCK!

  • SIMON VERNON posted 1596 days ago


    Troy; this is interesting man.

  • knock out digest posted 1622 days ago

    knock out  digest

    troy email me at


  • Tony Marks posted 1654 days ago

    Tony Marks

    The Jets for the Super Bowl. Patriots overrated. All my predictions coming true. It's a great year.

  • Tony Marks posted 1660 days ago

    Tony Marks

    What if Mosley wins?

  • Tony Marks posted 1660 days ago

    Tony Marks

    Hey Troy, I justed posted Jets for the super bowl. Write something on that. But do it before Sunday.

  • Tony Marks posted 1662 days ago

    Tony Marks

    Thanks for that article but , I would also appreciate a shout out for bringing this to your attention.

  • Tony Marks posted 1663 days ago

    Tony Marks

    Troy, have you read Leo's article on Pacquiao Fighter of the Decade? I posted a comment on why B-Hop should've won it. Take a look and let me Know what you think.

  • edgar solorzano posted 1668 days ago

    edgar  solorzano

    New article...

  • edgar solorzano posted 1671 days ago

    edgar  solorzano

    Check out my Sergio Martinez interview. I'm new here on, I used to work with other websites.
    And also check my articles thanks!