Adam Rosen

Adam Rosen


Diehard New York Giants fan, Devils fan, Yankees fan, and since I graduated from Syracuse, I am an Orangeman for life. Aspiring Sports Journalist, as I randomly began writing in December of 2008, and now, here I am.

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  • Jim Bonish posted 2318 days ago

    Jim  Bonish

    Thank you, Charlie Brindley. Needed to be said.

  • Charlie Brindley posted 2319 days ago

    Charlie Brindley

    You're welcome. Go Eagles. Miracle in the New Meadowlands. 2010 NFC East Champs.

  • Charlie Brindley posted 2319 days ago

    Charlie Brindley

    That last article I read, the one with the 3 bold predictions for each team, may just, has to be the worst piece of sports journalism I have ever read anywhere. You made a bunch of statements that you didn't back up. You used lazy writing. You're awful. And the Yankees suck.

  • Erik Westervelt posted 2404 days ago

    Erik Westervelt

    You are such an incredible tool...the next time you go out of your way to bash Philadelphia using tired cliche and lazy journalism borrowed from distortions remember what city some of he very best Syracuse products comes from year after year. Boheim has been raided Philly's back yard for talent for years...

  • Jack Armstrong posted 2488 days ago

    Jack  Armstrong

    Philly rules. All New York are trash

  • Mike Wasowski posted 2588 days ago

    Mike Wasowski

    How bout those best in the league Giants! That was a championship performance right there!

  • Tyler Pollard posted 2728 days ago

    Tyler Pollard

    Hey could you please check out this article.

  • Aaron Young posted 2752 days ago

    Aaron Young

    Hey Adam,
    Please check out my latest article:

    Let me know what you think :)