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  • Donn D posted 338 days ago

    Donn D

    Patrick, how about making the case for Will Shields?? If he gets passed over this year he could fade into obscurity. Selection committees can be influenced by the public through journalists. Every local sportswriter is making a pitch for their favs and most I've read they don't have Will in their selection when the list is trimmed. Contact the NE B/R writers and all of you get on the Shields bandwagon. Thanks Donn

  • Andrew Cho posted 340 days ago

    Andrew Cho

    Hi Patrick. It's never too early to look at the upcoming season. Can you do an article on a possible way-too-early depth chart for the 2014 season?

  • Michael James posted 381 days ago

    Michael James

    Just curious if anybody is going to report on Tom Osborne's statement in regard to the Bo Pelini Statement by the AD

  • Tom Funk posted 411 days ago

    Tom Funk

    Hi Patrick... I just read your article on Scott Frost. Great article on Oregon's explosive offense... It would be great to have that here at this time.. But the problem is this, that offense will not work in Lincoln, mainly because its to explosive. If your goal is to out score the other team 86 to 74, than its fine.. But if you want a shut down defense, which everyone does, It will never happen.. What I mean is this.. It does not give the defense the necesary time to rest. And I meant our defense entirely. Thats exactly whats happening to us now.. the big difference is we are not scoring any points to keep up with the pace.., because we cant whip marshmellows, mainly because we are to lightweight.. We keep giveing the ball back to the other offense..... And Our defense is catching hell for it, and all of the blame..... because that lightweight offense of Beck's is worthless.. and has a terrible habit of never takeing anything away from the opposeing offense. They always will remain fresh..

    The Best offense out there, for the University of Nebraska is a safe rugged Tom Osborne offense... That offense was built entirely on the resources available to it...... It always rested and kept our defense fresh, while it crushed the opposeing defense.. it possessed big rugged physical guys that liked wrecking smaller, faster players, mainly because it kept the ball, and had nasty habit of causeing lots of collisions.. Tim Beck and Bo Pelini football looks good on paper, but blows up, because they have completely forgotten about the physical side of the game..

  • Ron Schroeder posted 432 days ago

    Ron Schroeder

    BTW, I'm not endorsing anything, I'm just amazed they are that cheap. Club seat are only around $200. Expect to see a sea of red. Husker fans love a bargain.

  • Ron Schroeder posted 432 days ago

    Ron Schroeder

    Check out how cheap tickets are going for on Stubhub for the Nebraska/Purdue game. As low as $1.

  • Chris Benedict posted 507 days ago

    Chris Benedict

    Hey there Mr. Runge,
    I was just listening to Sports Nightly with Jeff Culhane (7-22-2013 episode) and heard his guest, John Shinn from the Norman Transcript, say something about the Big 12 that made me think.
    His comment was, "When your conference lacks a dominant team, your league takes a hit. That's all there is to it."

    My immediate thought was of Ohio State, and all of the media excitement surrounding their undefeated season, explosive players, and famous coach. Not only do they draw attention to the conference as a powerhouse, but they are also making us all play catch-up.
    Nebraska seemingly got out of the Big 12 just in time, and came into a conference still flooded with the national spotlight. We are competing with Ohio State even when they aren't our opponent, because that is the yard stick to which our team is held. In 2008-2009 Texas and Oklahoma were dominant, and kept the Big 12 looking pretty much how it always had when we were a member. Now, very quickly they have lost their clout. The B1G is much more important and arguably more skilled than the Big 12 on the national stage.

    This is an interesting phenomenon to me. I began writing my own version of an article titled, "Why OSU's Dominance is Good for the B1G."

    But, to be honest, I would rather read your take on it; and nobody is going to read mine.
    Do you think I'm on the mark? I believe there are a few reasons that Urban Meyer and OSU have made our conference and everyone in it more important to the country at large. And on the field, we are all trying to catch up, so we can soon knock them off of their pedestal.

  • Markus Fort posted 677 days ago

    Markus Fort

    Hey Patrick,

    There has been a lot of talk surrounding the potential in-state recruits for Nebraska for the 2014 class. Honestly, the would be a really intriguing article, to highlight the 8-10 guys that could come out of the state of Nebraska alone. Is that even possible? If so, git r done!

  • Zoe Romero posted 709 days ago

    Zoe Romero

    Thanks for the great articles! Glad to be a fan :o)

  • J.P. Scott posted 775 days ago

    J.P. Scott

    Thanks for the Twiiter help, Patrick!

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