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My name is Adam Spencer and I'm a 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri (Go Tigers!). I'm a convergence journalism major who hopes to be a sports writer. I enjoy sports of all kinds and am an avid fantasy sports player. I'm originally from the small town of Pleasant Plains, Illinois (just outside of Springfield). Yep, that's pretty much all there is to know about me.

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  • RU KiddingMe posted 2257 days ago

    RU KiddingMe

    Weaker? Really? Using current Sagarin data and moving teams to their respective conferences, here is how everything plans out:

    Conference (Central Mean) (Simple Mean) (Rank)

    Current Big East (71.79) (72.14) (6th)
    New Big East (74.28) (73.15) (5th)

    Current ACC (73.07) (72.55) (5th)
    New ACC (72.07) (72.29) (6th)

    Pac12 (75.26) (75.41) (4th)
    Big10 (75.27) (74.18) (3rd)

    Do you want to rewrite that article?

  • jeff markewich posted 2320 days ago

    jeff markewich

    Adam, you are INSANE not to rank Colorado's schedule as the toughest in college football. You did not even have them in the top 10!! They play 5 of the 10 you listed without a bye week. Cal, CSU, @ Ohio State, Wash St., @ Stanford, @ Wash, Oregon, @ ASU, USC, AZ, @ UCLA & @ Utah. Guess they don't teach you too good at Mizzou......


  • G D posted 2337 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man.

  • Packer Insider posted 2410 days ago

    Packer Insider


    I went back and read your article from 2010. Is Mike McCarthy still being replaced...after winning a Super Bowl victory. Say it so Adam... :)

  • Zach Kruse posted 2468 days ago

    Zach Kruse

    Adam, if you click on that guy's name, you'll see it's an impostor. In fact, it'll probably get deleted before you can see it. Again, I'm super sorry about this...I would never personally attack anyone like this. This is the second time someone has done this in the past month.

    Zach Kruse

  • Thomas Brunt posted 2494 days ago

    Thomas  Brunt

    Do you think Jake Locker is the next Jimmy Clausen?

  • Caitlynd Davison posted 2563 days ago

    Caitlynd Davison

    guess what... Seahawks won. ohhhh damn. I hope you feel stupid. =]

  • Thomas H. posted 2576 days ago

    Thomas H.

  • Thomas Brunt posted 2598 days ago

    Thomas Brunt

    Who wins Monday night football tomorrow night
    Patriots or Jets and why?

  • Matthew Buescher posted 2611 days ago

    Matthew Buescher

    You said Ark was a likely top 10 to lose this weekend. You also said it would be an upset for Ark to win. Yet Ark is favored and has been all year by The last 4 years the game has been decided by 5 pts or less, including a coulple overtime games with a couple of those games with the road team winning. They lost last year at LSU by 3 in OT despite the fact that they were not as good last year. You also said that Mallet has been inconsisent. Yet his numbers are good and on par with last year. They are 9-2, better than last year. Most of the college football gurus (check the web) agree that Ark is playing some of their best ball of the year, especially now they have a solid running game(Knile Davis). The exception is MST and yet we still won on the road. The closest game in over a month. Can't win them all big. Didn't LSU just give up 36 to Ole Miss? Ark offense is a lot better than Ole Miss. Are you from another planet? Or did you just not do your homework? Mallet inconsistent, what are you crazy he has like 8 300yd games this year. You are considerably off base from alsmost everyone else. Ark is a likely top 10 to lose this weekend, I will give you that. but so is LSU. You just need to make a better argument than the one you made. Thanks.