Henry Molski

Henry Molski

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Henry grew up his entire life in Cincinnati, Ohio. Unfortunately for Henry the first 15-20 years of his life meant nothing special for professional athletics in his hometown. Nevertheless, he became a die-hard Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals fan with a passive support of other local college athletics.

His first experience of a playoff game would come in horrifying fashion in 2005 when Carson Palmer went down in the Bengals first play from scrimmage in a playoff game since Henry was born. However, several years later, in 2010, Henry would experience his favorite sports memory of all time when Jay Bruce lifted the Cincinnati Reds to their first NL Central Division Championship in over a decade with a walk-off home run.

Presently, Henry attends High Point University and cheers on his DI school that struggles to string together wins in the Big South Conference. Another monumental moment in his life will come when the High Point Panthers receive their first bid into the NCAA tournament.

Henry likes to think he is one of the more level-headed Cincinnati Reds fans his age (after going through so much) and is a journalism major--so he has no shortage of words when it comes to talking about sports.

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