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  • gfwlrbsx cmpumjpv posted 2482 days ago

    gfwlrbsx cmpumjpv

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  • Marco Yanitelli posted 2735 days ago

    Marco Yanitelli

    Holy crap I didnt realize i gave you so many comment likes.

    Thats great - I show you respect and you shit on me in public. If you dont like what i write then dont read it. I try to be fair- which is obvious just looking down this page.

    I give you credit even when i dont like what you are saying and yet you tell people on other sites that my work is trash?

    I would appreciate it if you would treat me with the same respect i treat you with. I would never go outside of this community to slander you.

    I would appreciate it if you at least made some kind of retraction on the Sherdog site at least- those guys have a good deal of knowlege and I dont need a whole community hating me because of a disagreement we have here.

    I give you credit for your comments because they are good comments. You should give me credit for my work even if you dont agree with the information presented. The two are not the same thing.

    Anyway you can do what you want. This isnt you-tube and thats why I am nice to you despite our differences.

    I was pretty annoyed when i saw your Sherdog forum comment which I found completely by accident.

    Anyway thats all- you think about it and do what you feel is best. Its a free country and free speech is part of that.