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  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2381 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    I doubt this will get many reads since I'm not a featured writer...but I would like to know your thoughts.



  • Chance Murphy posted 2553 days ago

    Chance Murphy

    why dont you write articles anymore?

  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2578 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Does Jim Schwarz have the "IT" factor? Tell me what you think!


  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2606 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Hey Ali...I think the Lions are goinf to be OK at QB for a while...


    What do you think?

  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2640 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Lions have moved on, it's time the fans did as well:


  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2646 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    My take on the Lions Opener: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/461000-detroit-lions-season-opener-just-a-bump-in-the-road

  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2648 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Join me in wishing the Lions good luck this season:


  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2656 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Finally found something worth while to write about. What do you think?

  • Araz Eleyasian posted 2664 days ago

    Araz Eleyasian

    Would you mind taking a look at my slideshow?


  • Michael Sudds posted 2683 days ago

    Michael Sudds

    Ali, I am pissed! Have you taken a goood loooong look at our new team site? It sucks!

    I sent B/R a scathing criticism in the writers forum. What happened to the :What's happening now segment? There is no attribution in the two new segments, whatsoever.

    Also, there is no article archive link.

    Please look the team page over. Is this what you want?