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  • Luke Johnson posted 2334 days ago

    Luke Johnson

    Hey Ryan thank you for not being like Chulligard on the comment below you who likes to bully people into his belief systems. I know you disagree with my concept of that trade but let me tell you why I came to that conclusion. First, the article is from the "rumor," I believe to be "most" valid. Rumors are all ESPN and the media reports on and so all of us are left to deliniate fact from fiction form our perspective. Considering Gilbert is cheap by nature--looking at his history--one that never built anything for seven years around the King--I find it harder to believe Amare would turn down Bron to head to NYC over Gilbert cheap-skating his way again. It makes sense to me that Gilbert would look at Hickson's comparable upside to Amare's and then think: " I can retain him for a fraction of the cost." Today on Dan Patrick on Dan Patrick LIve, the great media host, asserted that the greatest rumor was that Gilbert did not want to part with Hickson. Straight out the man's lips. I chose to head with that belief because Amar'e wanting to win like everyone else, would not turn down the best player in hoops and the best team in hoops for some infatuate dream of NYC. Just my opinion.

  • James Williamson posted 2722 days ago

    James Williamson


    Is there a person in the NFL that you can't help but despise? Maybe they are on this list? Check it out.