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I'm a recent graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in public relations and economics. I'm originally from Boston so many of my fondest memories come from the sports world, from Pedro's remarkable 1999 season to Vinatieri's game-winning field goals to the Red Sox finally winning the World Series. I've been through thick and thin with them and I am extremely fortunate that my dedication has finally paid off (even with the Bruins, a team I had once given up on).

As passionate as I am about sports, I am also an equally passionate writer. I have been publishing my writing in one outlet or another since I was 14 years old, and ever since I have been constantly honing my craft. I joined B/R as in intern in August 2010 and I am very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this vastly knowledgeable and talented community.

Interview with Kostya Kennedy, Sports Illustrated senior editor -

Interview with Luis Tiant, Boston Red Sox legend -

Interview with Steven Goldman, Editor of Baseball Prospectus -

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  • Mikael Haggard posted 1175 days ago

    Mikael Haggard

    first off,mark grace was a very good hitter,what are you 20?Pujols is a good,not great fielder,top 2 all time,lol.Steve Garvey is easily top 3 all time,way better than Albert is or was.And Don Mattingly never won anything as a player withNY.Do your fact checking before you write an article.

  • Saul Wisnia posted 1284 days ago

    Saul  Wisnia

    Sorry, forgot to include the link to my blog, which I thought you might enjoy:

  • Saul Wisnia posted 1284 days ago

    Saul  Wisnia

    Hi Dmitriy,
    I really enjoyed your Fenway slideshow, and when I clicked to your profile and saw you were also a Newhouse guy I knew I had to write. I wrote a book on Fenway that came out this fall and I did a slideshow on it too (my first BR piece). You are really smoking with those medals...if you ever want to chat some time about the Red Sox or Sal's Wings (do they still have them at SU?) drop me a note.

  • G D posted 1368 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man.

  • Den Watts posted 1374 days ago

    Den Watts

    Dmitriy, I've just read your article on Rugby from October last year - - and would like to congratulate you on the funniest thing I've read in ages.

  • Den Watts posted 1374 days ago

    Den Watts

    Dmitriy, I've just read you're article on Rugby from October last year - - and would like to congratulate you on the funniest thing I've read in ages.


  • Joel Reuter posted 1374 days ago

    Joel Reuter

    Hey man, congrats on being the example article link in that article, pretty awesome.

  • Elyse Rothman posted 1406 days ago

    Elyse Rothman

    I like your story about the 10 things you didn't know about Fenway. Let me know if you know any on my list:

  • Jeff Draht posted 1513 days ago

    Jeff Draht

    This is a solid pick and I like it. Mike Tomlin was in Texas recently watching the longhorns at pro day!

    However, looking at the big board 500, the meat of what the Steelers need are bountiful in Rounds 2,3 and 4...

    That board has him going at 44 and we pick at 31?

    There are plenty of great CB's in this years draft...

    I would just love the Steelers to trade down and get 2 x 2nd and or 2 x 3rd round picks... They could get the quality they need and a few steals to boot.

    Take a look at the talent board and see for yourself!

  • Jason Builder posted 1545 days ago

    Jason Builder

    You writing is polished, but overall I find you information to be no better than statistics you can pull off any stat sheet on or I think overall you really don't have a good understanding of the game other than that of an avid fan. You don't explain why things are, just that that is what they are. You are too limited in with your perspectives you probably should take out your New England bias when writing. If I was to grade you as a writer, I'd probably say a B student in college, however if I was to categorize you as a sports fan, I would give you an A, you can tell you really like sports. However if I was to categorize you as a sports writer, I'd probably give you a D, I appreciate the effort, but really you seem like the kind of writer who spends his day sitting on their couch in college, doing not much. For example in your latest article about lead off hitters, I probably found 9 guys who have lead off in their careers, but this year will not be in the lead off spot. There are so many holes overall it kinda gave me a headache. I can assume you are the kind of person if I met in pubic I would want to slap, because you assume you know a lot about sports, but overall your knowledge is based on what is portrayed in the media. Again, I appreciate the effort, but think that you are much more a fan, than anything that has to do with being a sports writer. Good effort though, but you fall short when it comes to knowing sports