Anthony mangano

Anthony mangano


My name is Anthony and I reside in Long Island, NY. I currently work in NYC as a Financial Crimes Investigator. NASCAR has been my passion since 2005.

I remember on Sunday in 2005 being bored and I was channel surfing. Upon mu surfing I came across this car racing so I decided to check it out. Heck there was nothing else on. I happened to turn in on with about 20 laps to go. I remember the race was taking place in Atlanta and these two cars were racing for first place banging and racing so close to each other. One of the cars had the home improvement store Lowes on the top of the hood and the other car had Scotts on top of their hood. It was now the last lap and these two car were neck and neck to the finish line. The announcers said the Scotts car had one it. It was so close it was impossible to tell. I said to myself WOW that was pretty cool!!! At the end of the race the winner a guy named Carl Edwards stood on the door of the car and did a back flip. I thought it was so frigin cool!! But what I really got my attention was not the winner of the race but the post race comments from the 2nd place driver named Jimmie Johnson (I remember thinking is this guy related to the football guy) The guy seemed really modest and respectful during his interview. I figured he would be pissed since he came in second. I really admired how he spoke about how thankful he was to is team and the sponsors…It was really nice to see an athlete being modest and down to earth nowadays….After the race I remember going onto and research all the drivers…After looking at all the drivers I decided that the driver that I would follow would be Jimmie Johnson. I liked his attitude, the colors of the car and the sponsors. Now after 5 full years of being a fan I think I only missed about 5 races!! I LOVE NASCAR!!

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