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Born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Now I live in ACC Country(Raleigh, NC). Love my Texas Longhorns, in all sports. I'm a Fan of the Houston Rockets, New York Jets, New York Yankees, New York Rangers, and a few more.

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  • Gray Ghost posted 3041 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Julian, thanks for the pick! Texas look great and Colt is on a roll. This weekend is going to be a tough one for the Horns. Wow. Anything can happen in a game like that!

  • Gray Ghost posted 3045 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Julian, this is a good one. Everyone needs to read this from Joe Guaar:


  • Gray Ghost posted 3054 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    I am trying to help heal the rift:


  • Gray Ghost posted 3058 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Julian my Cousin!!!! How about the Horns!!!! Son! I'm in Oklahoma City, and this place is disappointed big time. Colt showed up for the big one!

  • James Williamson posted 3059 days ago

    James Williamson


  • Gray Ghost posted 3059 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Thanks for the pick my friend. I'm in Oklahoma City on business, and this place is wired up about the big game tomorrow. Don't know how to call that one, but I hope the Horns hook'em big time! Go Colt!

    LSU-Gators, I haven't been real impressed with Florida as of lately. I think LSU may win that one.

  • Gray Ghost posted 3064 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    This one is dear to me!


  • Lisa Horne posted 3069 days ago

    Lisa Horne

    Thanks Julian, for the pick!

  • Gray Ghost posted 3069 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Thanks my friend! I appreciate the pick Julian!

  • Gray Ghost posted 3071 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    I humbly submit my latest: