Maggie Clark

Maggie Clark


I'm a Jill-of-trades writer with an affinity for tough sports. When I'm not working on short stories, poetry, playwriting, and freelance journalism I'm watching UFC, Strikeforce, and the WEC.

What makes a good fight? One that goes the distance, matching two competitors with comparative or wholly dissonant strengths and seeing their champion spirit hold sway for three or five rounds.

What makes a good champion? One who's willing to take on his or her opponents on the field of their strength, and still win. I don't go in for the trash-talk, either, so if there's a feud, both fighters had better be willing to bury it after an honest day's battle in the cage or octagon. This isn't WWE -- this is a hard, and disciplined, and often immensely rewarding competitive sport.

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