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Report: Irving ticked off, wants a win vs. Boston
Z-Bo gets 20 points, 22 rebounds; D12 gets 16&13, Ellis gets 22 points as Raging Bulls win 3rd straight/Warriors Baby: I'm proud of my team.
Sharks shoot 45% from three as Cougars lose third straight/Irving: I'm gonna bitch until we start winning.
Cowboys-Heat game delayed as lights go out.
Knights' starting backcourt scores a combined 41 points as they comeback against the Spurs.

HOU 103 (3-0)
DET 94 (1-2)

End of 3rd
SA 74
MIA 69

ATL 87 (0-3)
BOS 99 (2-1)

SEA 116 (2-1)
SAS 111

Power rankings tomorrow (good ones, and hopefully I don't lose it :p)

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