Will Stewart

Will Stewart


I am a lifelong sports fan. Got a Dan Marino poster when I was 4 and have been a die hard Dolphin fan ever since. No one will ever throw the ball like Marino, wish he could have won one so all the detractors would be silenced. Caught a Cubs game on WGN when I was 5, Ryne Sandberg drove in the winning runs in the 9th against the Mets and Harry Carey was going crazy they went on to win their division that year. Ryne Sandberg is my all time favorite baseball player and I have endured being a Cubs fan ever since. My grandma took me to Vince Dooleys last game as head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs at the Gator Bowl and I have bled Red and Black from that day on. Although there have been many exciting players I would have to say that Pollack was my favorite. I was too young to see Herschel. Last but definitely not least I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the whole evolution of the greatest basketball player ever. WGN came with our cable package so I have pretty much seen every significant aspect of Jordans career as it happened, and that is not an exaggeration.

Aside from sports I an an avid reader. I am very interested in the social sciences. Any spare minute I get I spend reading anything pertaining to Psychology, Sociology, Ancient History, Government, Politics, and my favorites Religion and Philosophy. I am also a music junkie who prides himself on having one of the most eclectic collections of anyone I have ever met.

All hobbies aside the greatest joy in my life is my son. He is 5 years old and he is the center of my universe. Needless to say he is a Georgia fan, not that he had any say in that matter.

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