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I love football and all things Manchester United.

Outside of being a Featured Columnist at B/R, I'm a Biography Researcher at Infostrada Sports, where I write athlete biographies ahead of international sporting events. I've worked at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @Chris__Fleming

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  • mazoomy posted 254 days ago


    Yeah I would imagine that Cuadrado would perform the same role that Robben did in the WC.

    I forgot that he said that, but maybe he doesn't always want to play them together or he changed his mind a bit on the matter? I dunno, it just doesn't make sense to me to play that trio together because we have nobody up front who can just explode forward.

    In regards to the 4-3-3, that's certainly possible. Maybe he's just trying to find the pieces to use that formation as soon as possible, and that's why he's signing Cuadrado. I would also be happy with the 5-3-2 though.

    I saw all those when I watched the matches. It's been a real treat to watch us play this preseason. I love how modern the playing style is now, and the passing and vision has just been unreal so far. It's amazing how fast the players adopted the LvG philosophy and I just can't wait for the season to begin. Right now it feels like we just can't lose!

  • mazoomy posted 255 days ago


    Okay, I get what you're trying to say. Basically, it seems you see this situation as one similar to when Mata was available in that he's too good an option to pass up since he is available.

    Having not seen him play outside the world cup, where lesser known players often overperform, I'm not qualified to have an opinion on how good he is, but I trust your judgement and if you say he's that good then he probably is.

    I'm glad you mentioned Welbeck being played more often than most would think, because that is exactly how I feel. I've brought up my concerns over the lack of pace and mobility in the R&R pair with others, and by the way you are describing Cuadrado he seems ideal to partner one of ghem up front. That leads me to the one point I still have in regards to him.

    I don't think LvG will end up using him as a WB, or at least not primarily. In preseason he has tried Young, Nani and Zaha up front, and regularly used Welbeck, which to me indicates he is looking for a pacey, tenacious player to plag up front. That is where I see him using Cuadrado, because we seem deep enough at WB but lack a quality forward like Robben.

  • mazoomy posted 256 days ago


    Hey Chris, I wanted to let you know that if you wrote a response to my reply, then I haven't been able to see it due to the new, rather broken, comment system. I've received notifications that I've had about 2 more replies than I've seen, and if one of those was yours I'd appreciate it if you could copy/paste to me directly on my page. Thanks in advance!

  • Hey Chris, I just wanted you to know man, that I love your articles. I will be flying over your next ones so they better be good.

  • Taawoos Aboo Ruqayyah posted 403 days ago

    Taawoos Aboo Ruqayyah

    Chris, I feel you should write more. I enjoy your articles and your willingness to comment on comments made by those who comment [fantastic sentence].

  • mazoomy posted 449 days ago


    Alright Chris, I hope you enjoy your trip. All the best, and I look forward to your return.

  • mazoomy posted 450 days ago


    I like Kagawa as a 10 much better than Rooney, and I in turn prefer Rooney as a CM. My midfield and attack would look like this:

    Carrick/Fletcher Rooney
    Januzaj Kagawa Mata

    When all our players are back. Is there any news on Carrick's injury? How long is he out?

    In regards to Draxler, I think we should go all out for him. With the signing of Mata we have enough AMs for our starting 11, but Draxler is the kind of talent you just have to go for when the option is there. We can't let him fall into the hands of our rivals, because he is most likely going to be one of the elites of world football. Moyes would have to play a good rotation game to keep everyone happy, but we generally compete on many fronts and need a deep squad.

  • mazoomy posted 451 days ago



    What're your thoughts on that Sunderland game? I'm basically losing faith in Moyes. He takes off Kagawa, who was our best attacking asset, and throws on Valencia, who either crosses into the first defender's face or over everyone's heads. Then, in extra time, with an away goal rule lead, which a single goal can turn into a loss, he decides to park the bus against one of the league's worst teams this season. We, the reigning champions of England, parked the bus against a team tied for the lowest points in the table. 11 players vs 11 players. That is a disgrace.

    I won't stand for us playing in a way that compromises our pride and takes us backwards. If Moyes doesn't show me signs of clear improvement in tactics within the next couple of games, he's lost my support.

    BTW, 10 penalties taken, 3 goals scored #EnglishPenalties lol

  • David Teo posted 463 days ago

    David Teo

    I have a few questions. (If you don't mind Answering for me =) :

    Why do Man Utd always lose so many of their best young players oooooh ?
    What are your thoughts on this matter ?

    Talented Young Players Who Left Manchester United too early
    (SAF most glaring mistake – letting go of top talent) imo.

    1-Paul Pogba
    2-Mats Moller Deahli
    3-Ravel Morrison
    4-Magnus Wolff Eikrem (In just over two weeks time as new manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has completed his first signing as cardiff city manager with the capture of Eikrem and now Daehli also set to join him soooooon) And yet moyes didn't sign anyone lol! Oh, we've got Fellaini! haha
    5-Adem Ljajić
    6-Zeki Fryers
    8-Giuseppe Rossi
    9-Ryan Shawcross
    10-*and so on
    Imagine if all these players are still in United team Omg!

    Imo, if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was manager at United, I'm sure he will bring back Daehli, Eikrem, Pogba, and Morrison..hahaha(dont hate me for that)

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