kevin hurley

kevin hurley


Hi everyone. Name is Kevin Hurley. Started at Notre Dame in 1985. 10-days later was hit-by-a-car ("welcome to college, kid") and got wicked-serious injuries, including head trauma. (brain damage) Recovered at home in Massachusetts until what should have been my senior year, 1988-89. Tried returning to ND. Witnessed the 1988 National Championship, including the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, AZ. Was academically unsuccessful at ND, 2d time. Continued my studies at Northeastern U. in Boston, which had a terriffic special ed dept. Graduated NU in 1995, after 6 years which were sustained primarily by my commitment to ND. (OK...and my stubborn, pig-headed Canadian-Irish nurturing)

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  • Sue Faust posted 1625 days ago

    Sue Faust

    Hi! I'm Sue Faust (SMC '87). I frequently visited you in the hospital in South Bend before you were transported home...and was overjoyed when you recovered.

  • Michael Galbraith posted 1775 days ago

    Michael Galbraith

    Thanks for the message Kevin, Notre Dame winning is the only thing better than watching Michigan lose!! It's fun to take jabs at them, haha... GO IRISH!

  • Liam Canny posted 1846 days ago

    Liam Canny

    Kevin, I was so pleased to see your post on an article I read on Bleacher Report this morning - New Year's Day 2013. Happy New Year!
    I was reading your comments thinking to myself, 'I remember a guy from ND named Hurley, but I thought he was killed in an accident on the highway between ND and SMC.' Like you, I started at ND in 1985, having come from NH. So, when a student from my part of the world was involved in a tragic accident, the incident resonated with me. Where did you go to high school? I am so pleased to discover that you are alive and well. Congrats on completing your degree at Northeastern, my dad's Alma Mater.
    I hope the Irish can win the big one, but Bama will be tough. The fact that the players from Bama have been in this game three times over the last four years will give them a real edge. They will know how to handle the media, the hype the occasion. In a one-off game anything can happen, so Go Irish!