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  • Ashley Jensen posted 93 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Congrats Paige...

  • Diva of Tomorrow posted 159 days ago

    Diva of Tomorrow

    It will be very interesting! I am also wondering who they will drop the NXT Women's Title to when she does eventually move the main roster.

  • Spidey posted 159 days ago


    They already have Emma appearing at live events, now let's see how they bring Paige in.

  • Diva of Tomorrow posted 172 days ago

    Diva of Tomorrow

    Not a problem I enjoy your posts!

  • Tonks Lupin posted 172 days ago

    Tonks Lupin

    Thank you for the fan add.

  • Diva of Tomorrow posted 172 days ago

    Diva of Tomorrow

    I would be more than satisfied with any of those women lol. I would also like to throw Summer into the mix.

  • Tonks Lupin posted 173 days ago

    Tonks Lupin

    PPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My other wife besides AJ and Naomi lol.

  • ACCOUNT CLOSED. posted 222 days ago


    Paige is awesome.

  • Smoke posted 251 days ago


    i love paige. is so cute. nice pic

  • Black Widow posted 273 days ago

    Black  Widow

    "If that means I can see more Aksana, then yes."

    I can see that you have no problem with Aksana getting a push. what do you see in Aksana, ya?